3 Year LLB Degree Course Syllabus Mumbai University

3 Year LLB Degree Course Syllabus Mumbai University

3 Year LLB Degree Course Syllabus Mumbai University

Syllabus for Mumbai University’s 3 Year LL.B. Degree Course done after graduation. See what Government Law College, KC Law College, Rizvi Law, NMIMS Law and other Law Colleges teach in Mumbai.

Last updated on 14-Apr-2016

First Semester

Labour Laws (100 Marks)
Contracts – I: Contract Act – Ss. 1 – 75 (60 Marks) & Specific Relief Act (40 Marks) (100 Marks)
Law of Torts (70 Marks) & Consumer Protection (30 Marks) (100 Marks)
Legal Language including Legal Writing & General English (100 Marks)

Second Semester

Law of Crimes: I.P.C. (70 Marks) & Criminal Jurisprudence (30 Marks) (100 Marks)
Constitutional Law (100 Marks)
Family Law – I (100 Marks)
Environmental Laws (100 Marks)
Practical Training – I (100 Marks)

Third Semester

Administrative Law (100 Marks)
Family Law – II (100 Marks)
Property Law (100 Marks)
Company Law (100 Marks)

Fourth Semester

Jurisprudence: Legal Theory (100 Marks)
Contract – II: Indian Contract Act Sec. 124-238 (40 Marks),
Indian Partnership Act (30 Marks)
Sale of Goods Act (30 Marks)
(100 Marks)
Land Laws (Maharashtra) (100 Marks)
Optional Paper: any one of the following

  1. Criminology
  2. Taxation Laws
  3. Law of Insolvency
(100 Marks)
Practical Training – II (100 Marks)

Fifth Semester

Civil Procedure Code (85 Marks) Limitation Act (15 Marks) (100 Marks)
Criminal Procedure Code (70 Marks)
Juvenile Justice Act (15 Marks)
Probation of Offenders Act (15 Marks)
(100 Marks)
Interpretation of Statutes (100 Marks)
Public International Law & Human Rights (50 Marks each) (100 Marks)

Sixth Semester

Alternate Dispute Resolution (100 Marks)
Law of Evidence (100 Marks)
Optional Papers: any two of the following
1. Banking & Negotiable Instruments Act
2. Law of Insurance
3. Intellectual Property Law
4. Conflict of Laws
5. Law Relating to Women & Children
6. Law and Medicine
(100 Marks)
(100 Marks)
(100 Marks)
(100 Marks)
(100 Marks)
(100 Marks)
Practical Training – III – Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing (100 Marks)
Practical Training – IV (100 Marks)

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52 Responses

  1. Akash says:

    the syllabus for optional subject for s.y. llb of subject taxation seems not available on the website, kindly guide me with the same.
    thank you

  2. BHARAT L SHAH says:

    I appeared in Ist LLB exam, but due to circumstances I could not appeared for university exam in the year 1980. I have my exam sit number. Today, I am senior citizen, having wish to pass law exams upto three years. I am ex student of K C Law college at Mumbai. Please advice me whether I can appear in new syllabuls of three years course. Regards. Bharat L Shah.

  3. Avadhut Atmaram Naik says:

    I passed 1st year llb in 1982 of Bombay University through GRKare Law CollegeGoa and answered 2nd year unsuccessfully.I am 63 years old and I wish to complete the course. Please guide me.Avadhut Naik Goa.

  4. Jose says:

    I am working as an Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, I had given my Second year LLB exams in April 89 and in October 89. I had the following Subjects.

    1. Legal Theory and Comparative Theory.
    2. Hindu law.
    3. Property Law.
    4. Taxation.
    5. Law of Partnerships etc.
    6. Company Law.

    In the April 1989 exams I cleared two subjects i.e Property Law and Law of partnerships etc.
    I would like to complete my 2nd year LLB by writting or the remaining subjects. I am informed that there is a new syllabus. Kindly inform me the procedure for writting the Exams in October 2015 and the subjects that I will have to appear.

  5. Isha says:

    As I hv not appeared for 3rd sem llb exams(3years) in May2015… Can I appear for 4th sem exams as are going to be held on August 2015.?? As I have submitted my exam form for 4th sem examination …plzz reply me

  6. joe says:

    yes you can.. u have to fill the KT form for 3rd sem.. be quick..

  7. ravee desai says:

    Mr Jose.
    You will have to approach your college and directly fill up an examination form for 3rd and 4 th semester and then you can appear for your exams. You will have to give exam as per new syllabus. As per my knowledge you might not get exemptions of old syllabus.

  8. Ajit Anandan says:

    Assume the 1st year LLB pass certificate of the year 1990 will be considered as exemption for 1st & 2nd semester while continuing the LLB course in the new syllabus now ?


  9. RAMESH says:


  10. abiral dc says:

    i m a ca student so i should study company laws. but dont know the technique or procedure of reading law . can u suggest best books on legal interpretation and legal understanding. thank you

  11. mamata says:

    very nice

  12. alok says:

    I am a student of 3rd year llb i hav submitted the examination form offline but now i dont remember my subjects ,how can i know which sub i hav filled up in the form.

  13. Khaire says:

    can i give llb second sem in marathi languge

  14. Bharti says:

    can u tell me what is the syllabus of land law?

  15. Bharti says:

    land acquisition
    act 1894 or the right to fair compensation and transparency in land acquisition, rehabiliation and resellement act , 2013? plz let me know………

  16. admin says:

    Depending on your college and Old or New Curriculum, you will either have:
    land acquisition act 1894 (For the OLD course)
    or the right to fair compensation and transparency in land acquisition or rehabiliation and resellement act , 2013 (For the NEW Course)

  17. Qais says:

    Kindly tell me if i enroll for 3years llb course In 2016 from any of the college from mumbai & taken a gap after completion of 2nd year say about for next 5 years & further wish to complete my degree later. Is that possible to do so.

  18. Rajan says:

    I have passed 2nd year of 3 year LLB degree course from KC Law college ,Bombay,affiliated to Bombay University, in 1980s, and I could not pursue 3rd year and the passing certificate has been issued by the University. Now I want to complete the 3rd year in MG University, Kerala. Can I get a migration certificate from Bombay University and complete the 3rd year and enroll in Kochi.Pl.advise.

  19. hiral says:

    I have clear tybcom. n I will do LLB for 3rd year degree.but I am confused.actually we have clear aur not LLB in first attempt..??

  20. Kareena says:

    I wnna curriculum of LLB.nd also fee structure. ..plz if possible thn provided…

  21. Saji P. says:

    I completed my BGL in the year 1989 from Bombay University. I intend to complete my 3rd year law and get LLB degree certificate. Please advise.

  22. Aarti...... says:

    I am in 12th std…an I wanted to became a lawyer… But I am confused…. Muze samjme nhi aa rha ki Mai graduation kru aur uske Bad law yaa directly 12th ke Bad law join kru… Pls give me suggestions……..

  23. H d kharote says:

    2nd year clear ho jane ke baad naam ke aage advt lqga sakte he kya?

  24. Nikunj Shah says:

    I’ve completed 2 year’s of 3 years LLB, can you use LLB as a degree in my visiting card?

    Kindly advice.

  25. Noel D'Souza says:

    I have completed 1st year of Law from the Salgaokar College of Law, Goa which is associated with Bombay University. This was in 1976. I then proceeded to take the 2nd year but got ATKT(Allowed to keep Terms.) Due to varios reasons I could not complete the course. To-day I am 63 years of age. But going through the course even now is something I dream of. How I wish I can do this course.
    You will not imagine how grateful I would be if you can guide me through to complete the LLB Course or at least to do LLM on line.
    Would be ever obliged.

    Thank you so much.

  26. Florentyna says:

    I am a final year student from mumbai university…ihave opted for the subject “Conflict of laws” can you please suggest a Mumbai University compliant Author whose text book i can refer to?

  27. Yash says:

    I wont be able to appear for 4th sem llb exams(3years) to be held in May … Can I appear for 5th sem exams which are going to be held in the month of August .??
    I have cleared all the first 3 semesters.
    Please help….

  28. Ravi says:

    I have Completed my LLB 1st Year With 55% in 2015-16 from Narayanrao Chawan Law College Nanded which comes Under Swami Ramanand Thirth Marathwada University Nanded.
    I whish To Join GLC for LLB 2nd year. What should I do ?
    Please Help me…
    Thank You.


    the syllabus for optional subject for s.y. llb of subject taxation seems not available on the website, kindly guide me with the same.
    thank you

  30. Aysha says:

    Can i get llb sem 4 2016 questn paprs

  31. Chandrakant says:

    I have obtained LL.B. (General) degree in 1975. Completed college Terms for 3rd year of LL.B.(Special). Was to be appearing for examination of April 1976 but I got service and could not appear for examination. Now I am retired from my service and wish to complete LL..B. (Special) degree course. But Now college authorities says that syllabus changes every 5 years so you cannot appear for 3rd year LL.B. now.
    I was informed that I should take admission for 1st year of LL.B. and complete the course of 3 years. Is it OK ?

  32. Debashis Sahoo says:

    Hi.. I am Debashis Sahoo from Odisha. I am working as an Administrative officer in New India assurance since last 4 years in Mumbai Head Office. My Carrier graph is Bsc. chemistry and MCA (both are regular course not Distance) My Birth year is 1985 . I want to study Law, is it good for me or not. If yes then Guide me how to prepare and practice or where I have to take addimission. And also the fee structure. Please guide me.
    Regards Debashis Sahoo 8691075848

  33. snehal says:

    Ok so i have Got 49/150 can i do law LLb from university

  34. yasmeen barejiya says:

    Hi i m post gratuate student i want to take admission for LLB THREE YEARS in mumbai university ; can u tell me last date for admission 2017

  35. Shweta pathak says:

    Can u help me how many languages in llb study……because i have strong language hindi……

  36. Shweta pathak says:

    Hiiii i am shweta pathak nd i have completed my graduation from up board…can u help me how many languages in llb course…because i don’t something about it…..plz tell me i can do llb course in hindi

  37. aruna gadhvi says:

    i’ve completed my T.Y. bcom this year (2016-2017) but yet result is not out..can i appear for LLb (3 years) ??? what is the procedure ??

  38. I have pass Deploma in soffware in year 1997 now want to pass online LLB as no time to attend college as I work for daily life. Please give proper seggation and help.

  39. Divya tiwari says:

    I have completed my graduation in commerce , I am 45 years old can I complete my studies for LLB now?

  40. Sandeep K says:

    What is recommended books for 5th Semester of LLB

  41. Nikhil .S says:

    Kind Regards,
    I am in my 3rd years llb (3 years ) of which was registered in the year 2013-2014. So am i eligible for the final year Practical exams or no….kindly advice as i am in a service at present.
    Thank You,

  42. LIONEL DESOUZA says:

    Dear Sir.

    I was a student of V.M. Salgoancar College of Law, Goa in 1975, which was then affiliated with Bombay University. I completed LLB-I then, however work pressures prevented me from completing the degree then. I would like to continue and earn my LLB degree now, as it is an aspiration unfulfilled, and a world ranked University such as the University of Mumbai will surely have provisions for such cases. Kindly advise me of the steps necessary to continue. I would like to thank you in advance for your assistance and reply. It will be much appreciated.


  43. Monika Prakash Rathod says:

    I am student of law and cleared semester 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters of law 3 years degree course from Mumbai University. Now I have to shift to Pune as my father is retired from Mumbai and settled at Pune. Under such circumstances, I have to change the University. Can I change the Mumbai university and take the admission in Pune College under Pune University for final year of Law 3 years degree course ? What is the procedure to change the college and university please guide me and reply ? -Yours sincerely, Monika Rathod

  44. pradipkumar Dattatray Karnik says:

    There are retired Govt officers /sr.citizens who could not complete law graduation,few of them taken the admission,the Bombay University has new condition of minimum 50% of marks for final year for admission for law graduation. this condition has deprived large numbers of old graduates
    to complete their last desire to have law degree in their life time. By this portale I invite attention of Registar of Bombay University to consider old cases of ex student for admission to old course of Three year Law Graduation.New condition of 50% marks may please be made mandatory for the student pass out after 2005.


  45. nitish kedar says:

    i want to admit for llb3 yrs but i don’t understand legal language. how can i improve. is there correspondence llb 3 yrs. if yes which college or university.

  46. vasant gorade manchar dist pune pin410503 says:

    pl send me three years llb course syllabus.

  47. samira karim says:

    this syllabus for llb 3 yrs 1st semester 2018?

  48. Alok Verma says:

    I am a law student Mumbai University Age 49 Yrs. I took Admission in Law on 11th October 2017 after passing CET.
    Latter I did not appear for any Exams in the Year 2018 due to work pressure.
    Now I have appeared for LL.B. 1st Semester 1exam in The month of Feb 2019 I am sure I will clear all papers.

    Kindly advise If I can take up papers of 2nd & 3rd Semester Simultaneously in Next Exam which is likely to take place in the month Of April 2019 on wards.


  49. Jinny says:

    Plz tell me what is passing marks in each paper individually in the new paper pattern

  50. Dr. Rajeev Jain says:

    I have completed My 3rd year LLB Full year course Both the Terms in 1984-85 from Sidharth college of Law Mumbai where my Roll number was 52 in Division B.
    Now I am 60 years old but have keen desire to complete my 3rd year examination. I have 2nd year Pass certificate and mark sheet .
    Please guide me so as I can appear in 3rd year related semesters. Do i have to go through practical training so please send me the requirements of practical training as I too have completed some training in last many years while working.

  51. Maulik says:

    I m LLB STUDENT APPEARED AT last 3 rd yr
    Required coaching and also notes for the same
    Please guide the fees and schedule of the class
    Tha ks
    Maulik — mob no-9930799199

  52. Maulik says:

    Pls send the fees structure oF LLB DIN 3 RD YEAR
    Mobile no 9930799199

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