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What The Supreme Court of India Said On Banning Sale of Firecrackers in Delhi/NCR Region

Highlights of the Supreme Court judgement:

  • …bursting of fire crackers is not the only cause for alarming air pollution in Delhi and NCR, but it is also acknowledged that it is one of the major causes. It is also recorded in the judgment that on bursting of these crackers during Diwali in 2016, the air quality had sharply deteriorated…
  • …we have the direct evidence of deterioration15
    of air quality at alarming levels, which happens every year. As already pointed out above, burning of these fire crackers during Diwali in 2016 had shot up pm levels by three times, making Delhi the worst city in the world, insofar as air pollution is concerned…
  • …Insofar as adverse effects of burning of crackers during Diwali are concerned, those have been witnessed year after year. The air quality deteriorates abysmally and alarmingly and the city chokes thereby. It leads to closing the schools and the authorities are compelled to take various measures on emergent basis, when faced
    with “health emergency” situation. This very situation had occurred on the very next morning after Diwali in the year 2016. It resulted in passing the order dated November 11, 2016. This order prevailed
    during the year but the impact and effect of this order remains to be tested on Diwali days…
  • …Further orders in this behalf can be passed on assessing the situation that would emerge after this Diwali season…

Full Text of the judgement:

This is the full text of the Judgement of the Supreme Court of India on banning firecrackers and fireworks sale in the Delhi / NCR Region.


The law on bursting Fire Crackers in Mumbai, India

What are the rules for buying Fireworks or Fire Crackers in Mumbai?

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What are the rules for bursting Fire Crackers?

The law on bursting Fire Crackers in Mumbai, India

The law on bursting Fire Crackers in Mumbai, India

Where can I complain about bursting of Fire Crackers on the Road or inside a building?

You can complain to the Mumbai Police by dialling 100 or by sending an SMS to 7738133133 / 7738144144.

Don’t forget to take photographs on your phone or camera, to show the cops when they come.

More information is coming soon.