Law of Crimes Syllabus

Part of

3 Year Course (First Year Sem II)

5 Year Course (Third Year Sem I)


A. Criminal Jurisprudence (3o marks)

  1. Administration of Justice
    What is administration of justice?
    Necessity for administration of justice
    Historical Background to administration of justice
    Difference between civil and criminal justice
  2. Elements of Criminal Liability
    Nature of Criminal Liability
    Mens Rea and its importance
    Intention / Knowledge / Negligence
    Doctrine of Mens Rea under IPC
    Exceptions of Mens Rea
    Vicarious Liability
    Actus Reus
    Act and Ommission
    Injury to another
  3. Stages of Crime
    Intention > Preparation > Attempt > Commission
  4. Theories of Punishment
  5. Kinds of Punishment
    Death Sentence
    Social Reference of Death Sentence
    Alternatives to Capital Punishment
    Imprisonment (Simple / Rigorous / Life)
    Solitary Confinement
    Forfeiture of Property
    Sentencing Discretion

B. Indian Penal Code 1860 (70 marks)

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