5 year BLS LLB Degree Course Syllabus of Mumbai University

Syllabus for Mumbai University’s 5 Year B.L.S. LL.B. Degree Course done after 12th standard.

First Semester

English – I(100 Marks)
Logic – I(100 Marks)
Economics(100 Marks)

Second Semester

History of Courts
(100 Marks)
Political Science – I(100 Marks)
Legal Writing and Legal Language(100 Marks)

Third Semester

Political Science – II(100 Marks)
Sociology(100 Marks)
History of Courts(100 Marks)

Fourth Semester

English – II(100 Marks)
Logic – II(100 Marks)
Political Science – III(100 Marks)

Fifth Semester

Labour Laws(100 Marks)
Contracts – I: Contract Act – Ss. 1 – 75 (60 Marks) & Specific Relief Act (40 Marks)(100 Marks)
Law of Torts (70 Marks) & Consumer Protection (30 Marks)(100 Marks)
Legal Language including Legal Writing & General English(100 Marks)

Sixth Semester

Law of Crimes: I.P.C. (70 Marks) & Criminal Jurisprudence (30 Marks)(100 Marks)
Constitutional Law(100 Marks)
Family Law – I(100 Marks)
Environmental Laws(100 Marks)
Practical Training – I(100 Marks)

Seventh Semester

Administrative Law(100 Marks)
Family Law – II(100 Marks)
Property Law(100 Marks)
Company Law(100 Marks)

Eighth Semester

Jurisprudence: Legal Theory(100 Marks)
Contract – II: Indian Contract Act Sec. 124-238 (40 Marks), Indian Partnership Act (30 Marks) Sale of Goods Act (30 Marks)(100 Marks)
Land Laws (Maharashtra)(100 Marks)
Optional Paper: any one of the following


  1. Criminology
  2. Taxation Laws
  3. Law of Insolvency
(100 Marks)
Practical Training – II(100 Marks)

Ninth Semester

Civil Procedure Code (85 Marks) Limitation Act (15 Marks)(100 Marks)
Criminal Procedure Code (70 Marks) Juvenile Justice Act (15 Marks) Probation of Offenders Act (15 Marks)(100 Marks)
Interpretation of Statutes(100 Marks)
Public International Law & Human Rights (50 Marks each)(100 Marks)

Tenth Semester

Alternate Dispute Resolution(100 Marks)
Law of Evidence(100 Marks)
Optional Papers: any two of the following 
1. Banking & Negotiable Instruments Act2. Law of Insurance3. Intellectual Property Law4. Conflict of Laws


5. Law Relating to Women & Children

6. Law and Medicine

(100 Marks)(100 Marks)(100 Marks)(100 Marks)


(100 Marks)

(100 Marks)

Practical Training – III(100 Marks)
Practical Training – IV(100 Marks)

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