PR Bond in India

What is a PR Bond in Criminal Proceedings?

A Personal Recognizance Bond or PR Bond is a Bond / Promise given by an Accused to the Court, that s/he will attend the court or police station whenever required. There is no money or cash required to be given for a simple PR Bond, but the Court may require that such bond maybe given along with a Cash Bond or a Bail Bond with Surety as an added assurance of attendance of the Accused.

What happens if the PR Bond is not complied with?

If the Accused who is under a PR Bond does not appear when require by the Court or Police Station, the amount of money that was mentioned in the PR Bond will have to be paid by the Accused to the Court.

PR Bond or Personal Recognizance Bond is governed by which law?

PR Bond is governed by the provisions of the CrPC.

What is the format of the PR Bond undertaking?

What are the types of PR Bonds?

Is PR Bond the same as a surety?

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