The law on speed breakers and speed humps in India

Did you know that there were laws governing speed breakers? Very few government officers and even motorists are aware of these laws and design specifications. This article attempts to explain the law on speed breakers in India. What are speed breakers? Speed Breakers are traffic management devices which use vertical deflection to slow down vehicles … Read more

The law on Pollution Under Control (PUC) in India

Pollution Under Control PUC in India

This article explains about the Certification Mark of PUC for Motor Vehicles in India. What is PUC? PUC (Pollution Under Control) is a Certification Mark issued to certify that motor vehicles in India meet emission and pollution control norms. Which vehicles must have PUC? All motor vehicles must have a valid PUC Certificate. The term … Read more

The law on motor vehicle beacons and flashers in India

==THIS ARTICLE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION== What are beacons? What are flashers? What are sirens?   Who is authorised to use beacons / flashers / sirens on their vehicles? Red light with flasher on the top front of vehicle, while on duty anywhere in the country:- (i) President; (ii) Vice President; (iii) Prime Minister; (iv) Former President; … Read more

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