What Is An A Summary, B Summary and C Summary Report Filed In A Criminal Case?

This article explains what an “A Summary”, “B Summary”, “C Summary” Report is and what impact it has on a criminal case in India.

A Summary Case

  • where the Magistrate classifies the case as true but undetected
  • where there is no clue whatsoever about the culprits or property or when the accused is known but there is no evidence to justify his being sent up to the Magistrate for trial

B Summary Case

  • where the Magistrate classifies the case as maliciously false
  • When there is no evidence or prima facie case against the accused
  • Applicable when false or frivolous cases are filed
  • B Summary Report is filed by the Police in such a matter
  • Usually a final report
  • Will lead to acquittal of the accused, upon acceptance by the Court
  • the police have to become the complainant and register a case against the original complainant, stating that he had complained to the police with malicious intent

C Summary Case

  • When the case is neither true nor false
  • C Summary report is issued by the Police in such a matter
  • When the criminal case was filed due to mistake of facts or the offence complained about is of a civil nature


8 thoughts on “What Is An A Summary, B Summary and C Summary Report Filed In A Criminal Case?

  1. Anthony

    can the police file a b summary report even though medical report was provided as proof the accused is an ex police personnel.

  2. jg

    my brother was blackmailed by groups and he went missing after giving details of the culprits. however, they filed a false case under B report. Is there any time limit for the C report to be issued. Since 3 months my brother is missing, and even before any case was filed.

  3. aravinda

    One lady she is suffering delusion she is compliant aganist me sexul abused but police people produced to mc with B report

    One of my anemi he is taken unauthoriselly and pulished by social website at moment i am mendaly worrying because this is not proper compliant
    Pl give me a advice regading this alligator
    All reports normal

  4. satish

    Police has the evidence(CCTV footages) but unable to identify the thief in the gold chain snatch incident which was happened in 2016 December.
    FIR not registered in the police station at the time of incident happened as police said give the written complaint later we can file an FIR.
    We have been following up with the police but still they have not recovered. My question is Can I file an FIR now?

  5. Jagdish D Bhangare

    Where this provision is mentioned are they find in cr p c or police manual or else where plz let us know

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