The law on bursting Fire Crackers in Mumbai, India

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What are the rules for buying Fireworks or Fire Crackers in Mumbai?

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What are the rules for bursting Fire Crackers?

The law on bursting Fire Crackers in Mumbai, India

The law on bursting Fire Crackers in Mumbai, India

Where can I complain about bursting of Fire Crackers on the Road or inside a building?

You can complain to the Mumbai Police by dialling 100 or by sending an SMS to 7738133133 / 7738144144.

Don’t forget to take photographs on your phone or camera, to show the cops when they come.

More information is coming soon.

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3 Responses

  1. Daniel Fonseca says:

    No one abides with the law of brusting firecrakers. Police are not taking any action. what is use of such law

  2. admin says:

    That is precisely why this article was written. Most people don’t know about the law and the other’s don’t know where to complain. Now since you are armed with the information, we hope you complain and make a difference in your society.

  3. Rajeshri phule says:

    All the laws related to the particular regions regarding bursting of the crackers should be put mandatory in all leading news paper prior to festivities to make the general public aware like which crackers are allowed, time in which they can bursts the crackers, and limitations to where they can bursts the crackers as rockets and boosters are creating havoc nowadays as rockets if bursted in the residential areas enter the premise and can be a cause of fire or other accidents… Emergency helpline numbers should be published in all leading newspapers so people know where to complain in case of violation of laws …. Also authorities should keep a thorough check on all the shopa selling crackers as to whether they are following norms or not ….. Such precautionary measures have become of utmost importance as due to redevelopment many high rise building are facing problems from aerial shots which are entering inside their residence and as there ia only law for limit but no law for distance from the building, residents staying in high rise buildings are not in a position to complain to any authorities… This is becoming a serious problems due to rapid redevelopment in metro cities… May the concerned authorities please take a note of the same and make some regulations for the same. Thank you

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