Rent Control Laws in Mumbai and Maharashtra & Why The Maharasthra Rent Control Act Needs An Amendment

What is Rent Control?

Rent Control is the regulation or restriction of the rent payable to a landlord by a tenant or licensee for a residential or commercial premises. The regulation or restriction is to put a cap or ceiling on the upper limit that a Landlord may be able to charge, so as to prevent shortage of accommodation. The restrictions also include some mandatory regulations which allow landlords to terminate a tenancy only under certain conditions.

Why are Rent Control Laws introduced around the world?

Rent Control laws were introduced all over the world by various governments, primarily to ensure adequate supply of accommodation to the general public, in times of war, disaster or natural calamities, so that the common man could afford to shelter himself and his family at an affordable rent.

In New York, the War Emergency Tenant Protection Act was introduced to prevent shortage of affordable housing, during World War 2. Till this day, this Rent Control Act is still in force.

Why was Rent Control introduced in Mumbai / Maharashtra?


Why is Rent Control a “lose-lose” situation for both the Tenant and Landlord?

Why should Rent Control be relaxed in Mumbai and Maharashtra?

How will everyone benefit by the relaxation of Rent Control?

What is the experience of other countries or cities with Rent Control?

The article Title says it all: How Ironic: America’s Rent-Controlled Cities Are Its Least Affordable

Recent News Articles on Rent Control in Mumbai / Maharashtra

Case Law on Rent Control in India

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