Noise Pollution Complaint in Mumbai

Before complaining try to  take a photo/video of pandals and processions violating noise limits. Don’t forget to take a pic of their banner or name too.
Even if the Loud Speaker deadline has been extended upto 12 midnight for any festival, you can still complain about NOISE over 45 db at any time during the day or night, especially near silence zones like schools, hospitals, religious places and courts.

Complaints about Noise Pollution in Mumbai are taken very seriously by the Police. You do not need to give your name or any details except the offence being complained of. Complaints can be made on the numbers mentioned below:

  1. Mumbai Police SMS Service: 7738 133 133 / 7738 144 144Noise Pollution Complaint in Mumbai
    SMS your complaint, mentioning the exact location of noise, causes, consequences (if any), the exact time since the noise has been persisting and also some identification of the party or group causing the noise. Sometimes, within 10 – 15 minutes of sending the SMS you may receive a verification call from the Police Control Room to confirm the address and provide further details of the noise.
    The SMS numbers do NOT receive calls. You need to dial 100 if you do not receive a response for the SMS complaints.
    Eg: Painful noise being caused by fire crackers Opp. Churchgate Station (W) from 12:30 am till now. Windows are vibrating with the noise.
    Eg: Noisy marriage procession playing very loud music in a Residential Area at SSR Colony, Bandra (E) since 2 hours.

    Eg: Religious procession bursting loud crackers on the road. The procession is causing noise pollution and blocking north-bound traffic on P D’Mello Road, Carnac Bunder.
    Eg: Fire crackers being burst at Cuffe Parade (Sunset garden) playground  since 5 am.
    Eg: Very loud music being played outside ABC Hospital (Silence Zone) at Tardeo by a political party rally since the past 2 hours.
    This method of complaining will enable the complainant also to have a record of the complaint on their phone, at the same time the SMS is received at the Commissioner of Police’s office, which in turn directs the local police to take action.
  2. Mumbai Police Control Room: 100 or 1090
    Call 100 and mention the exact problem you are facing.
    Don’t forget to ask for a complaint number. You can use this Complaint Number to follow up by SMS or call. You do not need to give your name or identity.
  3. Contact the Local Asst. Commissioner of Police (ACP) to escalate a complaint:
    Search for the number by selecting your police station:
    Provide your complaint number and details of the noise to the ACP Office.
  4. Contact the Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) to escalate a complaint not solved by the ACP Office:
    Search for the number by selecting your police station:
    Provide your complaint number and details of the noise to the Zonal DCP Office.
  5. Mumbai Police Website Form: (Last checked on 15-Apr-2016)
    An automated email will be sent to your account confirming receipt of your complaint.
  6. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (For escalating Industrial noise pollution complaints)
    Fill in the form on their website:
    or send a letter in writing to:
    Maharashtra Pollution Control Board,
    Kalpataru Point, 3rd and 4th floor,
    Opp. Cine Planet, Sion Circle,
    Mumbai-400 022.
    Telephone – 022-24020781 / 24014701 / 24010437
Please send us feedback about your complaint experience and which method worked best for you at info @

Thanks to lawgic website for guidance. I had to complain twice by SMS but noise was stopped by wireless van.

— RRA (Mumbai, 22-July-2013)

Fire Crackers stopped by SMS Complaint 3 times to both SMS numbers.

— AVB (Colaba, Mumbai, 27-May-2013)

Why Complain? Should I not wait for the noise makers to stop?

You might have come to this page through a Google Search on Noise Pollution and may be affected by noise in your area. The fact that you had to come all the way here, shows that the noise is a nuisance which must be stopped at the earliest.

Waiting for the noise to stop is a good idea, if it is a momentary burst. But most of the time the noise problem is chronic.

The police is not going to get a dream about noise pollution in your area. They may also be hesitant to act on their own, but are waiting for an excuse to act against the offenders. That excuse maybe your complaint.

Everyone has a right to live peacefully, without any disturbance.

India maybe the only country in which noise goes unchecked, although we have strict laws on it. It is a contributory factor to so many youngsters migrating abroad to get away from this nonsense in our society.

Don’t Tolerate – Complain Now. Its simple!

Should I not wait for others to complain first? Why should I be the first one?

Others maybe thinking the same thing. More people complaining is the only way the police will react sooner in future.

Doesn’t the police have better things to bother about?

Let them decide that. You do your duty and let them do theirs.

They will definitely prioritize your complaint based on other complaints received at the same time.

A political party / religious group is making noise and having a long procession with loud music. I am scared to complain against them.

This is exactly why this article was written. Noise has no religion. It affects everyone.

In no religion, is the causing of public nuisance acceptable. Similarly, if any other religion were to make the same type of noise continuously, the others would not tolerate it. Hence, noise made by religious groups is to be treated with the same stick as any other noise.

The same goes for political parties. They are no more privileged than any other non-political group. You will also get a lot of support from other political parties, against their rivals. If they are identifying themselves as a political party, they should also be punished as a political party. Identify them clearly in your complaint. (Also remember not to vote for them in the next elections)

Remember, you do not need to give your name or address or any other details. If the police are suspecting mischief by you, they can approach a Senior Officer and trace your number. This should give them a good enough reason not to insist on any other details.

Benefits of complaining:

  • You will be silently thanked by numerous senior citizens, birds, animals, children, parents and authorities in the area, for stopping the noise. Imagine the number of paralysed senior citizens, stray dogs, infants and handicapped persons you will be helping.
  • In future the police may deny permissions to that group or party for organising a procession or event, due to previous complaints of public nuisance.
  • The group can be clearly identified as being a chronic problem in the area.
  • Fines and penalties can be levied on the offenders.
  • The complaint goes on record and will show up in future data (like RTI Applications) on Noise Pollution and will be useful for Activists in seeking a legal solution to the problem.
  • Your local police will be more vigilant and may act on their own in future, if they see multiple citizens actively complaining.
  • The noise makers will be more sensitive when they know that others are being aggrieved by their acts. If they still continue then they are deliberately doing it and should be punished severely.

I read many comments about activists targeting only certain religious festivals or certain religious places? What about other religions causing noise?

Noise is universal.

Exactly like terrorism, Noise knows no religion. Noise will affect a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, Jain and even an Atheist, in the same way and in the same proportion.

Noise will have disastrous effects on a Shiv Sena worker, as much as it will be a pain for a Congress worker or BJP loyalist. All political party workers will be as much affected by the fire crackers as their rivals. Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, North Indians are all affected equally.

But still, if you feel that a certain religious building or group is making noise and it needs to stop, PLEASE COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. The cops will not ask you for your religious or political affiliation when registering your complaint. Neither will the court.

Important Rules and Case Laws on Noise:

  • Church Of God (Full Gospel) in India versus KKR Majestic Colony Welfare Association and Others (30-Aug-2000 Supreme Court of India)

    … religion prescribes or preaches that prayers are required to be performed through voice amplifiers or by beating of drums…..

  • Birangana Religious Society v. Orissa, 1996 100 Cal WN 617
  • P A Jacob v. S. V. Kottayam, AIR 1993 Ker 1
  • Sayeed Maqsood Ali v The State of M.P.

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76 Responses

  1. srimaya mahapatra says:

    Dear Team Lawgic!
    I am extremely thankful for the information posted in your website. After going through the FAQs I could relate the state of mind of many including me, who want to have a peaceful life with dignity and full rights that a citizen of India should have. We all deserve a no nonsense simple day whether its on the roads while driving or in our homes while spending valuable time with family or in the places we visit; like temples or malls or hill stations or beach etc. Unfortunately in our country the rate of crimes not acted upon is way higher then the ones brought to justice to get completely uprooted. Sadly because of that most of us including me have lost faith NOT in the law but in the very implementers & maintainers of it. “No one is above the law” I always thought this gives immense power to the implementer and maintainer but its not the reality as I believe greed and fear has been swallowing them than courage and integrity! I have a family and I am scared for their safety if I complain against so many law breakers. I have experienced shockingly less help from police men on the streets of Mumbai when it comes to crimes like rash driving or noise pollution. But I can’t be a silent spectator and mute to nonsense forever. I must do something without compromising the safety of my family. Your article helps tremendously! Please spread the awareness through social media as the young and the restless spends a lot of time there… they need to know!

  2. Madhavi Anuj Dubey says:


    I was searching a number or email id to complain regarding noise pollution caused due to a loudspeaker in masjid next to my plot..I live in Kurla so there are many mosque in our area..
    it was always disturbing but the new masjid is just next wall and the sound is too much..
    I was looking for basic information like does a masjid require a permission for loud speaker and is there a set Decibel levels which they should follow. Because being this a religious thing one cannot stop this but at least something can be done to control so that other may not have problem due to this…

  3. admin says:

    The article contains all the information that you need to complain. Yes, there are guidelines for speakers on religious buildings, because the area around a religious structure is marked as a silence zone.

  4. Kavitha says:

    I live in a society. The owner of the house above is demolishing walls and redoing the place. The noise is absolutely unbearable – they use some kind of machines. We are basically driven out of our homes till the work is done for the day. Owner claims to have taken all permissions. What can I do in this case? Today my mother underwent surgery and I had to put her up in a hotel bcos the noise in the house is unbearable! Please advise.

  5. admin says:

    Send them a letter in writing explaining this. Else, you can file a complaint with the cops.

  6. Kavitha says:

    Hi I did file a complaint with the cops but they basically said they can do nothing once the society has given permissions. They created a whole charade of calling up the owner of the house where the noise was coming from but basically yes-sired them and gave them the confidence to make more noise. What is my recourse? The noise is unbearable.

  7. mi Ravindra Rathod takrar karat aahe ki me rahanar ghatla village,chembur ,mumbai-400071.govandi police station .mazya ghara samor gaondevi maidan aahe thethe nehami cricketchya mathces chalu astaat.thethe itka loud-speakercha aavaz yet asto ki aamchya gharache darvaze,khidkya che kancha futata ki kay aase vatate.cricketchya matches bharvane ha ek tyancha dhanda zalela aahe.match zyalya nantar tya paishani tyanci parti chalu aste.te ek prakare dukancha kholun bastat.tyanchya aasha vaganyane aamchya mulanche nuksan hot aahe.aamchi mule aata.baravit , aahet.tyani crkicket khelave parantu loud speakar nasava.

  8. Mi Ravindra Rathod,rahanar- ghatla village chembur,govandi police station,mumbai-400071.Mi aapnas punha ekda vinanti karit aahe ki gaon devi maidan yethe honyara cricket matches var bandhan ghalave. thehte matches chalu astana loud-speakercha aavaz itka motha asto ki yethil aamchya mulanche shikshanache khupach nuksan hot aahe.aamhi 100 naumbervar takrar keli asta police yetat aani done minitat nighun jatat.aamchi jashi mule aahet tashi tumchi sudha mule shikat aahet pratek palakana mulanchya bhavishanchi chinta aste.mazi aapnas manapasun vinanti aahe ki aapan loud speaker banda karava .Tyani crikcet khelave parantu loud-speakar banda ha tyanca dhandha zalela yeto to cricket bharvatat aani paise kamavatat.nantar ratri daruchya parti karatat.He spardhache (shikshanche) yug aahe.MI aapnas punha ekda vinanti karato ki aamchya mulanche nuksan karnaryas shiksha karavi.Tyavar aala ghalava.aapla mitra Ravindra Rathod.Hyach aapan sahanbhutipurvak vichar karava.Swathachi mule dolya samor dharavi.

  9. Janata Janardhan says:

    Thanks for the informative article. Could you please let us know what the law is as it pertains to carrying out of construction or civil work at night?

    The residents of the flat above us have been carrying out extensive renovations, which results in the pounding of hammers on the floor and walls for several hours at a stretch. The activity continues into the evening time as well, past 8 pm. Is there some sort of a deadline beyond which construction work inside a flat is not permitted? Thanks.

  10. A D'Souza says:

    we Staying just couple of meters from supermarket at ground floor of a residential building; the AC of the supermarket is making noise of more than 70dB & this is located in an silence Zone as school is on the opposite side of the road; So if a complaint is to filed is it against the Society Secretary in which the supermarket is located or the store incharge or both

  11. omkar says:

    hi there is construction work going on for a private residential complex right opposite my building in mulund,it is still going on at 12.30 in the night and causing a lot of noise,is it legally allowed??would i be in the wrong if i complained?

  12. Arunkumar Birajdar says:

    Thanks for this Information. I acted against the dhol taasha noise based on this information. It was magically worked in this case. After compalining by sms and web based complain system, Noise stopped withing 30 Mins flat. I congratu;late Mumbai Police for caring my complain. However Local Police insisting me to come to p[olice station and give written complain. I said that what is the guarantee of my identity protection and moreover I have complained Online with ll details and I also got complain number. Now is it necessary again to go to local police station and give written complain again??

    Please guide on this issue once please???


  13. admin says:

    You can definitely complain at the Police Station. If you are revealing your identity, then ensure that the offenders identity and place of residence or office is also stated in the complaint. Police also need some credible complaint to base their action on. If you feel that your complaint maybe improperly noted, you yourself can draft a complaint letter and give it at the police station and get an acknowledgement on a copy of the letter.

  14. Urjita says:

    Thanks for the information.Last nite there were bhajans sung in my vicinity from 12am onwards.After reading your article I sent sms but no action was taken for next 45mins.Then I called 100 and the noise was shut in 15 mins.

  15. SAMEER MARATHE says:


  16. K.S.Nayak says:

    please see that Chembur gymkhana does not continue noisy programmes in the cricket ground which has been leased to them for promoting cricket.What they do is what Khar gymkhana Mumbai which was prosecuted and convicted by Mumbai High Court.Despite complaints to police and municipality every day,the Gymkhana seem to be immuned and nobody intervenes.Please stop this harassment of senior residents from day and night harassment.Please acknowledge and stop this illegal and misuse of grounds for commercial activities

  17. Anshula says:

    Thanks to the information on your website, I was able to complain to the Mumbai police, who called back and have assured action against the perpetrators.

  18. Rajnish Dhall says:

    Thanks as well for the information on your website. I have made a complaint to the Mumbai police, who called back and have assured action.

  19. Jennifer says:

    1.I stay in powai. Near by construction of building going on for past 3 months, till now only foundation is being dug, a big tower is going to come up.its unbearable as whole day stone cuttiing machine sound seems my Windows will’s just the starting,I wonder how will we live for next 3 /4 yrs till building is built.all my Windows and doors have to be kept closed coz of this.

    2. in the society I’m staying for past 11 yrs,suddenly they using sticks with iron to make loud sound throughout the day to keep street dogs’s extremely irritating.

    3. Near by a ground is given on rent for various functions or completions or school functions or navratri.they use unbearable loud sounds .even after shutting all my doors and windows, the sound is unbearable .

    Can complaint made for the above problems?

  20. Jvalant Sampat says:


    I have done most of this. I stay at Matunga (E) on Bhaudaji Road. Right next to my building is a marriage hall – Narayan Samji Wadi. I have written to the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board at Sion. They directed me to the Police Station. The cops come – sometimes they stop the baraat in the residential area and sometimes they take money and go away. I went and met the trustees of the Wadi who told me they can’t stop people from playing loud music on the streets. I am at my wits’ end. Please let me know if there is a permanent solution.

  21. Xyz says:

    I have once complained about loud music by calling on100.
    To my surprise the police came and shared my number which they obtained from police control room with exactly the noise polluters who called me to threaten about the complaint I made against them.
    And we call Mumbai police as one of the best !!!

  22. Ralp says:

    I tried calling local police station then called 100 number then sent SMS. But the noise didn’t stop. Didn’t can to know that the person was a local politician.

  23. Asmita Nilesh Jagtap says:

    Hi I stay at Worli B.D.D. CHAWL, every year Dr Ambedkar jayati getting celebrated here for 3 days all these days are worst days in our life. This year it is getting celebrated for 7 days. yesterday night DJ and all sound system was on till 5 am in morning. Since 2.30 I was dialing 100 for complaint police took my complaint but there is no action. At 3.30 I called worli police station but also no one takes action against the same. D N workrikar marg is having 10-12 chawls and every chawl has there own DJ sound system. We can not even talk normaly at our home. Every building has competition with another building. Specially building no 86,87,88,89,92,93,94,95,96,97, 98 and 99. Situation become worst during last day. Can somebody pls pls help us.

  24. admin says:

    Take the complaint No. from 100 and submit a letter to the local police station.
    Contact Sr.P.I. Vinay Pandharinath Kulkarni at Worli police station, Dr. A. B. Road, Mumbai – 400 030
    Telephone Nos. : 24930388, 24939352.
    If not resolved, then contact ACP of Worli Division (24955626).
    If ACP has not taken action complain to DCP Zone 3 (23700608).

  25. K.S.Nayak and thousand Othere says:

    The Chembur gymkhana which is located on 18 the Road,Chembur,is immune to any law,rules,regulation and even courts mendate.Merrily it uses the grounds for all commercial purposes almost 24 hours.An event is preceded and succeeded by installation and dis mantling.No complaints to any official or department is silenced by gymkhana officials.How and why,only they know.The ground us leased for almost free fees and every programme nets lakhs.How much they have amassed,only the officials know.Till the gymkhana is silenced,the harassment of thousands of residents will continue and they are deprived of their basic right to sleep.This is India where money only speaks.We gave learnt it in IPL embroglio.Please respond .God bless Bharat.

  26. Adwait Gogate says:

    Firstly would like to thank you for such a useful information. I live in a suburb of Thane. The neighbouring apartment residents(kids as well as adults) play different games till late night causing a lot of noise. I told them couple of times to reduce their volume but was of no use. Once lodged a complaint in Police Station but not sure whether police arrived at the scene or not. Also I am the only one in the neighbourhood who has taken initiative to speak about it till now which I find it very surprising. All I need after a hard day at work and 4 hours of travelling is sound sleep, nothing else. Because of this nuisance I can hardly sleep for 6 hours. I would really appreciate your suggestion on my problem.

  27. B R Venkatesh says:

    Just wanted to know – till what time a repair work at home can go on. The granite cutting, Hammering of nails all these noises are too irritating.

    Request your input.

  28. Ashok says:

    I stay in Chickoowadi, Borivali West. The Area comes under R Central Ward. I went through the list available in your web site. Unfortunately, The Name of R Central Ward is missing from ” The List of Silence Zones”. Please add the same.
    This is about Noise near a road junction in Chikoowadi, where “Phoenix Hospital” is located.
    The morning starts with screeching sounds of brakes by School Buses, Trucks. Then it is from high pitched exhaust sounds from silencer non-effective or totally removed. of auto rickshaws. Horns, various sounds, from bikes, cars, tempos, – you name it – are at an interval of every Second. Added to that is the sounds generated by Piling Machines for new multi storied buildings coming up.
    Daily, atleast 10-15 times some bikers speed up with their exhaust silencer non-effective or totally removed.
    Day by day its increasing. Adding to that, there is a new hall coming up for marriages.

  29. Rajendra says:

    A school got constructed near my home before some year. Initially there was very discipline but now a days there is no discipline and students are shouting and making the noise whole day. At the time of intervals there noise is terrible. I have given the writing request to school princopal but they have not taken taken any action on it. They also use loudspeaker through out the day for various announcement.
    Please convey me the solution on this..

  30. Rajendra says:

    A school got constructed near my home before some year. Initially there was very discipline but now a days there is no discipline and students are shouting and making the noise whole day. At the time of intervals there noise is terrible. I have given the writing request to school principal but they have not taken taken any action on it. They also use loudspeaker through out the day for various announcement.
    Please convey me the solution on this..

  31. Amit Gupta says:

    Any special permission is given by the police for playing music after 10 clock because my neighbour is always say we have taken the permission. please let me know

  32. admin says:

    15 days of the year, the State Government, by a written notification can extend the deadline from 10 pm to 12pm. 5 days are allocated for the Ganpati visarjan. However, the noise level in db cannot be violated at any time.

  33. Seema Vajpeyi says:

    I sat in Mulund (West ) Mumbai and since there’s an fire exit on the same floor I stay, some women are using the premise to practice dandiya which starts at 9 – 9.30 pm and goes on till 11 pm. Infact the music, their conversation with each other and the clapping’s are around 120 – 130 db. The secretary of the society doesn’t seem to be doing something on the issue. These has been going on for the last three years and everybody seems to be scared to open their mouth. When I tried talking to one of the committee members he said that you stay on rental hence your concerns shall go unheard. But there noise and nuisance are beyond the tolearble levels.Kindly advice

  34. admin says:

    Call up the Police and complain. This amounts to Private Nuisance. Try and get as many other residents to cooperate with you.

  35. harishshani says:

    A shop selling cakes in a residential area is open tillb2.30 am. At times there is noise nuisance of customers n disturbs senior citizen sleep n peace.
    How to go about n is it allowed by law to open shops till 2.30 am.

  36. Priyanka Shinde says:

    Tried calling, 100 and local police station about an hour ago, though they took information about where this is happening, still the noise continues. No official even bothered to cone upto site. And such scenes does affect faith from system.

  37. admin says:

    Did you take a complaint number from 100?

  38. Sachin Kangle says:

    The residents of Navratna BLDG , Burst crackers after 10:pm during Diwali every year till late night, inspite of dialing the 100 number several times , no action is initiated by the police, this is a ongoing issue for several years , the residents from this building purposely burst crackers in front of our Building till late night , kindly advise as there is little or no response after registering a complaint through the 100 number.

  39. George Dsouza says:

    I live in Bangalore and the laws on noise are hardly ever imposed. Where can I get the support from any NGO here in Bangalore. Please give contact details as honking noise is terrible here around the residential area.


  40. rajesh says:

    There are lot of huge infrastructure work going on in Mumbai.
    Whom do you complain if there’s a infrastructure project going on?
    The complete government machinery is aligned for these projects .

    But, the elderly , children , patients staying in that area are suffering .
    The sounds are so loud that you have to close doors and windows to keep them away .
    An elderly women in our colony is on nursing bed.She cant sleep during the day .

    (I stay in Chunabhatti , Mumbai ..right next to Somaiya Ground where a huge fly over
    is being built )

  41. Dev Kinger says:

    I live in rajkot. yagnik road. For over a week now raghuvanshi parivar is creating a lot of noise in name of religion. The havans start at 8 in the morning. My exams are going on and sound is very loud. Some programs start at 8 pm and continue till 10.Can someone please help me!

  42. Rahul Pawar says:


    I live in Khardev Nagar, Near Harbor line Route. Just behind my Building there is “Masjid” .It is nearly 100 meter from my house but there namaz loudspeaker is loud which disturbed me a lot. its open area with all around slum. They do there namaz 5 times a day Morning 6.15 , afternoon 1.00 pm, Evening 5,6 and 8PM. On friday they keep on doing there namaz 45 to 50 minutes. It creates a Eco sound. There is one school at 30 meter destance and more shocking there is police chowki at 37 meter. Police are waiting for someone to make a complaint and then they will take action? This masjid is at New Limboni Baug, Limboni Baug Rd, Govandi, Budha Nagar, Chedda Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043

    Following is the google map link.,72.9110892,177m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x3be7c610bb4e44af:0xa20ef216f97ee6a!8m2!3d19.0585594!4d72.9114153

    Please do something. My both parents are Heart patient and we have small kid too.

  43. Rahul Pawar says:

    Daily there is namaz goes on loudly nearby Masjid 5 times a day and morning it disturb the sleep daily…how come they get permission to do this much loudly namaz??

  44. Monesh says:

    Hi, I am the secretary of a co operative society in south mumbai. our building has started internal repairs & interior work of the common passage area, we are replacing old mosaic tiles with granite and are using a part of our parking area to cut the granite which causes a lot of noise to our building and adjoining 2 building members. The work is carried out only between 10 am to 6pm on week days. My question is since we are behind schedule and to hasten the completion of the work is it allowed to work on Sundays & public holidays between 10 am & 6 Pm?

  45. Niraj kumar says:

    Hello Sir
    I works in a MNC IT company and do night shifts
    I stay in a chawl near Goregaon ,on the front of my door my neighbours has given his second floor on rent to a small bangles maker ,he have approx 7-8 machines which works since 9 am to 8 pm with horrible noise,
    Any how I was managing this like closed Windows and put earphone in ear but now since last 2 week they bring any new machine which is making acute noise and I’m unable to sleep peacefully.
    2-3 time we told them , but they say this is our business.
    Pls sir suggest me any solution earlier.

    Niraj kumar

  46. vipul says:

    Dear Sir,
    Where i can complaints mumbai pune express high way vehicle noise pollution?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for ur info….we have been troubled by loud music at slums behind our building …The music is played on sound bommers…it is so loud that the windows nd glass starts vibrating…our building ppl are afraid to complain…fearing that these ppl will come to beat them…During that time we move out of the house…nd come back only wen they stop the music…this become nusiance for us

  48. Random says:

    Very often the committe members of my society give the parking area to people to conduct parties and they play loud music on speakers, sometimes till midnight 12 in the residential area that cause tremendous nuisance. I sent an sms to both the numbers. I had registered a similar complain back in march. I received a call from a lady officer, very politely to confirm the address, she did not ask anything else. After confirming the address, 2 police officers came to my society within an hour and warned the committee people to immediately stop the nuisance. They did not revealed my details, nor they asked me to appear even. The problem is solved and I, along with many other residents are at peace now. The numbers are really useful. The information on this website helped me. The process was smooth and quick. I am proud of mumbai police. A big thank you to the Mumbai police department!
    A sincere citizen

  49. DJ says:

    At Neminathnagar Sangli (Maharashtra)
    On Kalpadrum Ground one of Dhol Tasha Mandala loudly practising since last month till Ganesh Charurthi. unable bear this loud voice.
    Give me any app that my complaint will be loudged directly to PM Modiji. Please help.

  50. Subu says:

    Charkop Sector 8 is the head office all Bikers Gang with Noise Bikers . The best is to open a police check booth outside Sea View CHS, Plot 6, Charkop Sector 8 – many request are made by the citizens at the nearby police station but no permanent efforts are made. This is a Syndicate between Bikers and Police Department.

  51. S. Chaudhari says:

    Hi, I stay in Sector-3, A-Type, Airoli, Navi Mumbai. There is a flour mill (chakki) very near to my house. They operate it till late night. On 7.9.17, they started it at 3.30am. On 8.9.17 they were operating till 2.30am. Other people also gather their at the night to chit-chat as it may be the only place open in the night.

    I personally requested them 3-4 times not to operate between 10pm to 8am, as it disturbs the sleep. But they give the reason “people give them grains in the night only for grinding”

    Also, they grind the stones (the 2 round stones) every alternate day in the morning, at around 6.30am to 7.30am, for about 30-40 minutes. It creates un-bearable noise as it is done with machine (hand-held grinder).

    Surprisingly, NMMC/ Police not taking action on them for keeping their shop open in the night OR they need complaint from some-one?

    Please advise how to control this problem.


  52. Syam N says:

    I had complained to Mumbai police about Navaratri drums at 11. 30 PM and decibel meter reading 82dB at my home. My 2 year old son was unable to sleep and he was looking at me and crying helplessly. He desperately wanted to sleep.

    Thank you For the info. I placed a SMS to Mumbai police and promptly 02 policemen came to the location.

    They, however had no means to measure the noise, but told the organiser, to stop in another 10 minutes. By exact 12 AM, they wound up.

  53. Hemant K says:

    Since the past some days a idli vendor visits our residential area around Krishna kunj bldg in Tambe Nagar, S.N.Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai 80 from 8:15 to 8:45 am & blows a horn continuously to attract customers. This has been disturbing our peaceful morning sleep.
    Kind request to the concern police station office to please do the needful to stop this noise pollution. Thanks.

  54. Raja patel says:

    Hi…i m leaving marrige hall…every sunday early morning they start bhajans by some religious sang….nd its very irritable nd unbarrable …we can not sleep also they make on laoud speaker…with very loud voice…plz suggest that can v complain for them or not…its going continues every sonday 2 hours….we can not sleep on sunday atleast…till 8 am….

  55. Neha says:

    Hi, I stayed near Vile parle West, you can think midnight 12 writing about noise pollution, I’m staying in chawl and you can imagine how noise affect us, in my neighborhood men’s are staying in sharing with 10 people to 15 people, whenever they get up in morning at 6 clock they started play music loudly that I can’t sleep and now in midnight also they playing music but I have told also many a time then my other neighborhood are not also complaining about this bcoz they don’t to come into issue now you can I’m working and coming home at 9 clock, and main thing is that if I listen little noise also I can’t sleep and my other family member are telling leave them, should I do, I can’t understand

  56. Suyog Shelar, Secratary says:


    There is construction work going on for last 2-3 weeks in the residential area right opposite my building in on Sajay Kokate Lane, Bhatwadi, Ghatkoper West, Mumbai 400084. It is still going on at 12:30 am in the night and causing a lot of noise.

    We try to complaint on

  57. Muzammil says:

    Infinity Tower at Mazgoan Mumbai next to Aly Kadoori high school is the Noisest residential society in Town and the Society Management is not at all Co operative and it is not recommended to purchase Home in Infinity Tower which is very near to Railway track. There are many option to avoid railway noise as Home is for peace and rest but Society doesn’t think about coz the society members who stay in society resident opposite side of railway track

  58. Xyz says:

    I’m searching for complain against vehicle horn or silencer sound. In which area , I’m staying there is lots of two Wheeler which has sever silencer sound and traffic police is not doing anything .

  59. Niddhi says:

    It really helped
    And action was taken by the police to stop the noise.
    Thank you

  60. Vinayak says:

    It really helped to get such a good info…Keep it up….

  61. VINUTA says:

    SMS 3 times on each number regarding fire crackers bursting near our building in name of some religious functions since 5.30 am been more then 1 hour no reply no action called 100 lines constantly busy. No

  62. Vidya khandagale says:

    Hi I’m from vikhroli east group no.6 here is a Gurudwara they do thier bhajans all the time in full loud speaker sound. From morning 5 to night 12. We are getting frustrating. please do the needful.

  63. Capt. Shetty says:

    This is reference to this school at I.C.Colony , Borivali (West) built very close to our building a few years ago.Every year in the month of Jan,they have this school band practice with Loudspeakers,band,turmpets,etc from morning 9 AM to evening 3.30-4 pm for almost a month.This has been going on since the last 3-4 years,This year I have complained to various police helpline numbers but nothing much has been done,although policemen arrived once and warned them but as soon as the police left, after an hour they re-start.
    Wonder will this menance ever stop or will it go on for years to follow making us suffer endlessly against a mighty institution`s whims and fancy.

  64. Police commissioner.mumbai.
    How despite complaint and govt. intervention in the past Chembur gymkhana continues to rent out its cricket ground given on lease to promote sports,continues to rent out the ground for huge rentals and harassing thousands of residents around..These festivals disturb the seniors sick and students very much and DRUMMING IS THE WORST INSSTRUMENT,Please see thus illegal practice by gymkhana and leasinf=g for profit deny sportsmen their right and people around peaceful living.Please investigate how they get permission from various authorities despite ban by SUPREME COURT,IN KHAR GYMKHANA. Case.PLEASE BAN this DRUMMING WHIch DISTURBS THE HEARt PATIENTS AND STUDENTS MORE.THANKS.

  65. Ragini misra says:

    I residents of kasturi park,bhayander east facing too much difficulties due to loud and irritating noise by fabrication, furniture work. Mpcb had monitored the noise it was 82.1db which is more higher than prescribed limit in residential area. I wrote a letter 3 times to mbmc but no any action was taken. I m facing headache and regularly taking pain killers due to irritating noise. Please take it as priority to take necessary action,so we cam live peacefully in our home. I am 60 years old lady and my husband is 64 year old.

  66. Gagan says:

    Complaint regarding noise pollution due to construction activity at Godrej, Urban Park, Chandivali (MahaRERA No. P51800028364)

    Respected Sir/Ma’am,

    We as a group of residents of Jonquile-Jamaica CHS, would like to bring to your kind notice the issue of severe noise pollution due to construction at Godrej, Urban Park, Chandivali. The noise levels are too high (even reaching 95 dB) and we are subject to noise way more above the permissible limits (55 dB). These noise levels can lead to permanent hearing loss and are interfering with Online Classes of our children, Work from Home activities, and peaceful stay for the residents.

    The work starts early in the morning and continues late till night thereby impacting our peaceful sleep also. If this continues for long, believe us, by the time this project is over half of us would be hearing impaired or would have mental issues. We understand that Godrej Properties has the necessary permissions to carry out the work but we seek your help to have a peaceful co-existence i.e. their work to continue but without disturbing us. We request to you to enforce

    Carrying out construction activity with suitable barricades to minimize noise < 55 dB
    Work to be carried out strictly from 8 AM to 8 PM, no disturbance in the night time
    Regular monitoring of noise levels by appropriate authorities
    Thanking you for your time and support

    With regards

    Jonquile-Jamaica CHS Residents Group

  67. Pankaj Kumar D. says:

    Are Co-operative Housing societies exempt from following the Indian Constitution, Police laws, Home Ministry rules and State Govt rules especially in the pandemic ?
    Are relatives of office bearers in Co-operative Housing societies in Mumbai exempt from following the Indian Constitution, Police laws, Home Ministry rules and State Govt rules especially in the pandemic ?
    Does the Disaster Management Act, Section 144 apply to the whole of Mumbai or Bharat when it is in force or are Co-operative housing societies exempt from these acts and laws ?

    Location: Jogeshwari East, Mumbai, India
    Co-operative housing society

    We stay on the ground floor and the building is U shaped. We have senior citizens including those who have pre-existing ailments.

    Issue – Noise, no social distance, no masks, no regard for seniors, destroy privacy, no listen to anyone, we own the society, Indian rules DO NOT apply
    There are adults and kids that play all kind of outdoor sports in the common area inside the U.
    This was always a nuisance. However, in the pandemic, due to social distancing requirements and the need for masks and the need to take care for seniors.
    Besides, the LOUD noise that makes Even without the pandemic, it impossible to do any thinking let alone talk, watch TV or talk on the phone or sit in the rooms when folks play or make noise. They do not listen to anyone.
    And the important detail that it makes job loss a reality because Work from Home next to impossible and when folks play or make noise.
    We have not even talked about privacy.

    Pandemic angle – scant regard for masks and social distance
    Obviously there is no social distancing in the play as it happens at arms length only we are inside the house. Quite a few do not wear masks – have never worn masks. Some who play have parents who recovered from pandemic (25+ days, 20 days etc) and feel nothing shall happen to them because nothing happened to them.

    Alternatives available but not availed
    There is a big compound OUTside the U shaped common area but adults and kids insist to play inside the common area and NEVER in the compound.
    As a matter of fact, there is a big sprawling lush green open playground somewhere near (less than 500 metres) the building where various folks go to play and walk but looks like this co-operative society members and their family have no idea about it.

    Open questions for Co-operative society management, decent law abide citizens, law enforcements, Home Ministry, State Government, local MLA, local Municipal representative and local MP

    Question 1) Is there anyone who may help fix this ?
    Question 2) Are there laws that prevent folks to play in these pandemic times without social distancing ?
    Question 3) Are there laws that prevent folks to play in these pandemic times without masks ?
    Question 4) Would the law clarify if common areas may be used for outdoor sports like cricket and badminton (without any consent) ?
    Question 5) Are all these plays and loud talks (often without masks) not a violation of pandemic laws such as the Disaster Management Act ?
    Question 6) Is the Mumbai Police Commissioner equipped to deal with such situations ?
    Question 7) Is the Co-operative housing society duty bound to stop such activities and by not doing so, liable for dereliction of duty ?
    Question 8) Are relatives of co-operative housing society office bearers exempt from rules in co-operative housing societies ?

    Time to play : Anytime in the day when the fancy takes them

    Regular play: 5 pm evening onwards to 7:30 pm evening — all adults and some under 18 people
    7:30 pm evening onwards to 9:30 pm night – usually under 18 people
    9:30 night onwards – night walk in the common area accompanied by a mobile phone and talk with or(mostly) without mask, and, when the occasion suits, outdoor sports like badminton in the common area till even 11:30 pm night. These people may aggregate without warning at any time anywhere in the common area and indulge in conversation for a long time.

    Key players: Offsprings of almost all office bearers and management committee members
    Co-operative housing society Secretary – his 25+ year old unmarried daughter
    President – his adult sons and married paternal nephew
    Management committee member – his son and paternal nephew
    Management committee member – his paternal grandson and grand daughter
    Management committee member – son and daughter who have no predefined time
    Other residents – mostly adults and non-adults too

    Key Walkers: – who walk and talk – without social distancing and even sometimes without masks
    Management committee member – wife, son, daughter-in-law
    President – paternal nephew, paternal nephew’s wife, paternal niece
    Management committee member – daughter
    Other residents – adults and non-adults alike

    P.S. As per recent maps, this co-operative housing society is part of India.

    Very Concerned resident
    Jogeshwari (East)

  68. Ganesh says:

    I have several times lodged a complaint against a very noisy construction activity going on at Shivaji Colony, near WEH Metro Station with Police on 100 and with the BMC. But both Police and BMC are doing nothing to stop this noise pollution. I think the reason is obvious. What a shame. No amount of such complaint / grievance platform will work unless the authorities are honest and sincere

  69. Jassika says:

    A lot of noise in sector 27 after 10 pm a noise of loud speakers pls solve this as soon as possible it is out of 80 desibals


    I have a problem in my society. One particular family, whenever they have any occasion, they play a loud DJ in the common area. We asked for that person but he didn’t listen. DJ winds up before 10 but it starts at 7. For 3 hours, we lose our peace of mind. I can feel tremors in the wall. I know, Mumbai police keep the complaint anonymous. But could the Mumbai Policy stop that nonsense immediately or wait till 10 p.m deadline to cross? Because no one knows there right, some people bully others.

  71. admin says:

    Even if there is noise during the day, the police can stop it if it exceeds the noise limits. They dont need to wait till the deadline.

  72. Saeed Bashir says:


  73. Nawshir Mirza says:

    The issue is not so much noise after 10 pm. It is the volume of celebrations, mostly religious, during the day. Noise pollution rules limit it to 55 db during daytime and 45 db at night. The police have neither decibel meters or any knowledge of this rule and ignore complaints. Can we serve a notice to the local PS?

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