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My friend / relative has not come home since a few hours. What should I do?

  • Don’t panic, it is possible that they may be needing a break and may have decided to go on an unannounced vacation.
  • If the person has a mobile phone, note down the details of the last call. Note the date / time and the conversation you had with them. This will help aid your memory when registering a complaint.
  • Check with their friends or other relatives. They may be staying with a friend or relative. They may be fearing violence or a threat to their life or may just be worked up about something.
  • Make a list of all the details and
  • If their mobile phone is switched off, just send out an SMS containing a short message like “Please call”. Remember to turn on Delivery Report Notifications, so that you are alerted when their phone is turned back on.
  • If you perceive a threat to their well-being, dont hesitate to complain to the police.
  • If the person has been missing for more than 24 hours and there is no information about the persons whereabouts, file a complaint.

My friend / relative has been missing since a day. How do I register a missing persons complaint?

  • Mumbai Police has a missing persons bureau located at the Mumbai Police Commissioners Office. 24 hours phone number: 022-22621549 or dial 100.  Alternatively you may approach your local police station to file a complaint.
  • Carry a small and large photograph of the missing person. This photograph can be used for broadcast on TV or on Posters too. Write the missing persons name, age and relatives contact numbers at the back of the photo.
  • Submit to the police, a list of the last contact made with the person. This could include the last conversation on their mobile phone, a friend or relative having spotted them or a register entry of their place of work / place of education etc.
  • Mention the details of the place and person last visited or last seen with.
  • Provide the police with all mobile numbers that the person possessed. This can help trace the last location their phone was used in.
  • Provide 2 – 3 persons contact numbers in case the person is found.

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  1. Dear All,

    My Dad is missing from yesterday (26 Sep 2015 02:30PM)’ he is paralysis patient, so he is not able to speak or not able to walk properly He is using wood stick to walk. Right side is paralyzed so he is catching stick by left arm & for walk using left leg. Please dear all help me to find my dad coz he is not able to speak and they not able to contact us. we registered complaint in MIDC Andheri East Mumbai Police station at 11.00PM on same day 26 September 2015 and on 2nd day ganpati visarjan so they said we cant help on this occasion but am trying to find him whole day but w are not able to find him please help me. Please contact me my whatsapp no. is 9594036578 and for calling please dial 9702086804. If u want my fathers pic so you get it on my whtaspp profile. please all please help me to find my helpless father who unable to speak not able to walk proaperly.

    Ganesh Gorule

  2. I am staying in a different state and the person missing is in Mumbai. He has no one other than me. I don’t know how to find him! Can I file a missing persons complaint online? It’s been 5 days. I am hell worried abt his safety. Someone pls help me understand what I should do.

  3. my husband is missing from 19 august 2018, and still he is not back… i am worried as we have done every possible thing what we can do….he is not having any mobile with him, please help what to do, and where to search.


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