Maharashtra Real Estate Regulation Act and MahaRERA Rules

This article helps the common man use the MahaRERA system to find information about real estate construction projects in Maharashtra.

What is the meaning of MahaRERA?

From when does MahaRERA come into effect?

What are the common issues which the MahaRERA law deals with?

Which are the RERA and related laws in Maharashtra?

Law Purpose
Maharashtra Real Estate (Regulation and Development)(Registration of Real Estate Projects, Registration of Real Estate Agents, Rates of Interest and Disclosures on Website) Rules, 2017
Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Officers and Employees (Appointment and Service Conditions) Rules, 2017
Maharashtra Real Estate (Regulation and Development) (Recovery of Interest, Penalty, Compensation, Fine payable, Forms of Complaints and Appeal, etc.) Rules, 2017
Maharashtra Real Estate Appellate Tribunal, Officers and Employees (Appointment and Service Conditions) Rules, 2017
Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Form of Annual Statement of Accounts and Annual Report ) Rules, 2017
The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (General) Regulations, 2017
The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Recruitment and Conditions of Service of Employees) Regulation, 2017
Charges for accessing MahaRERA web-based Application for registration of project and real estate agents, extension of registration for projects and real estate agents including updating website, database management and maintenance under regulation 48 of the MahaRERA General Regulations, 2017

Where is the MahaRERA Headquarters?

The MahaRERA headquarters are in Mumbai at:

Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority
3rd Floor, A-Wing, Slum Rehabilitation Authority,
Administrative Building, Anant Kanekar Marg,
Bandra (E), Mumbai 400051

What information is available to the Public using the MahaRERA website?

Here is a list of the details available on the MahaRERA Website under the

MahaRERA Application

General Information

  • Information Type = Project Type i.e. Residential / Commercial etc.
  • Organization Name
  • Organization Type
  • Company Description For Other Type Organization
  • Do you have any Past Experience?
  • Address Details
  • Organization Contact Details

Past Experience Details

  • Sr.No.
  • Project Name
  • Type of Project
  • Others
  • Land Area(In Sq mtrs)
  • Address
  • CTS Number
  • Number of Buildings/Plot
  • Number of Apartments
  • Original Proposed Date of Completion

Member Information = Information of Company Members / Directors

  • Member Name
  • Designation
  • Photo

Project Details

  • Project Name
  • Project Status = On-Going / Completed Project
  • Proposed Date of Completion
  • Revised Proposed Date of Completion
  • Litigations related to the project ? = See below for details
  • Project Type = Residential / Commercial
  • Are there any Co-Promoters (as defined by MahaRERA Order) in the project ?
  • Plot Bearing No / CTS no / Survey Number/Final Plot no.
  • Boundaries East
  • Boundaries West
  • Boundaries North
  • Boundaries South
  • State/UT
  • Division
  • District
  • Taluka
  • Village
  • Pin Code
  • Area(In sqmts)
  • Total Building Count
  • Sanctioned Buildings Count
  • Proposed But Not Sanctioned Buildings Count
  • Aggregate area(In sqmts) of recreational open space
  • FSI Details
  • Built-up-Area as per Proposed FSI (In sqmts) ( Proposed but not sanctioned) ( As soon as approved, should be immediately updated in Approved FSI)
  • Built-up-Area as per Approved FSI (In sqmts)
  • Total FSI

Co-Promoter Details

  • Project Name
  • Promoter Name
  • Co-Promoter Type
  • Type of Agreement/ Arrangement
  • Office Number
  • Other Details

Project Details

  • Proposed
  • Booked
  • WorkDone(In %)

Eg: Number of Garages ( In Numbers) / Covered Parking ( In Numbers)

Development Work

Common areas And Facilities, Amenities Available Percent Details

  • Internal Roads & Footpaths
  • Water Supply  Eg: Fresh Water Supply from MCGM
  • Sewerage (Chamber, Lines, Septic Tank , STP)
  • Storm Water Drains
  • Landscaping & Tree Planting Eg: Proposed on Top of Podium
  • Street Lighting
  • Community Buildings
  • Treatment And Disposal Of Sewage And Sullage Wate Through STP
  • Solid Waste Management And Disposal
  • Water Conservation, Rain water Harvesting
  • Harvesting Tank
  • Energy management
  • Fire Protection And Fire Safety Requirements Eg: As per CFO Norms
  • Electrical Meter Room, Sub-Station, Receiving Station
  • Aggregate area of recreational Open Space
  • Open Parking

Building Details

  • Sr.No.
  • Project Name
  • Number of Basement’s
  • Number of Plinth
  • Number of Podium’s
  • Number of Slab of Super Structure
  • Number of Stilts
  • Number of Open Parking
  • Number of Closed Parking


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  1. Can a flat in a building having no Occupation Certificate in Mumbai be sold?
    Can the buyer register it and pay stamp duty & registration fee though there is no OC for building
    If not how can a purchaser sell such flat when builder is not ready to apply for OC?

  2. Can action be taken as per RERA provision since the Builder is not completing his title in respect of the Agreements for sale executed as per provisions of MOFA Act?

  3. Whether the Society can take action under RARA provisions, against the Builder for not completing his title and executing Conveyance Deed in respect Agreements of sale entered into as per provisions of MOFA Act?

  4. FROM S.R.NAYAK , 24.6.2019
    I am member of MC of Charmee Enclave CHSL, Vile Parle EAst, Mumbai. 400057; a Sale component of S.R.A.MUMBAI approved project was constructed in 2003 by M/S Charmee Corporation, Mumbai. S.R.A. MUMBAI issued Part O.c. to 64 of 76 residential units and yet to get full O.C for 12 shops on ground and Basement car parking area. The company failed to fulfill its statutory obligations such formation of CHS, Conveyance of land and structure in favour of Society formed by members and deficiency in other areas as well. My queries are: 1. Can Society lodge complaint directly to your office for deficiency of service and various other grievance and other grounds of incomplete project particularly when Society has filed a criminal case in the Andheri Court 2) Is M/Charmee Corporation a Registered Project with you 3) If Society can not file grievance with RERA Authority directly , can any of the Shopkeeper or member/s of Society parking their vehicles in Basement approach you to get rid of their complains. I shall be grateful if the requisite guidance/information is made available to me on my mail id

  5. Thanks for sharing such a really helpful blog on bulk Maharera. I was looking for this information and landed here and literally this is worth sharing.

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