Floor Space Index (FSI) in Mumbai. Explanation with images

What is the meaning of Floor Space Index (FSI)?

Floor Space Index is the ratio between the liveable area on all floors of the building to the actual area of that plot of land.

It is also known as the Floor Area Ratio i.e. the ratio between the sum of all floors and the Area of the plot of land.

Floor Space Index (FSI) in Mumbai

Floor Space Index (FSI) in Mumbai where FSI = 1

Floor Space Index (FSI) in Mumbai where FSI = 2

Floor Space Index (FSI) in Mumbai where FSI = 2


Section 2 (42) of the Development Control Regulations for Greater Bombay, 1991 state that:

(42) “Floor Space Index (FSI)” means the quotient of the ratio of
t h e combined gross floor area of all floors, excepting areas specificallyexempted under these Regulations, to the total area of the plot, viz. :—

Floor Space Index (FSI) =

Total covered area on all floors
Plot area

Which law(s) govern Floor Space Index in Mumbai?

The Development Control Regulations for Greater Bombay, 1991 defines FSI and state its regulation.

What is the Floor Space Index FSI in Mumbai?

Section 32 of the Development Control Regulations for Greater Bombay, 1991 deals with Floor Space Indices and Tenement Density in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Zones.

The maximum permissible Floor Space Indices and tenement densities for various occupancies and locations and for various use zones are given in Table 14 of the Regulations.

Floor Space Index values as per Table 14 for New Residential Buildings

Location FSI Value
Island City 1.33
The area earmarked for BARC from ‘M’ Ward and the areas
comprised in “N” ward bounded on the west by Eastern Express Highway; on the North by northern boundary of ‘N’ Ward on the East by Thane Creek and on the south by the northern boundary of N Ward.
Akse, Erangal and Marve in the P North Ward and Gorai and Manori in the R Ward excepting gaothan proper 0.5
Remaining Suburbs and Extended Suburbs including gaothans 1.0

What is the Floor Space Index for redevelopment or reconstruction of Old / Existing Buildings?

Section 33 of the Development Control Regulations for Greater Bombay, 1991 deals with Additional Floor Space Index which may be allowed in certain categories:

(7) Reconstruction and redevelopment of cessed buildings in the Island City by Co-operative Housing Societies or of old buildings belonging to the Corporation:—
For reconstruction / redevelopment to be undertaken by Cooperative Housing Societies of existing tenants or
by Co-operative Housing Societies of landlords and/or Occupiers of a cessed building of ‘A’ category in Island City, which attracts the provisions of MHADA Act, 1976,
for reconstruction/redevelopment of the buildings of the Corporation constructed prior to 1910,
the floor space index shall be 2.5 on the gross plot area or the FSI required for Rehabilitation of existing tenants plus incentive FSI as specified in Appendix III, whichever is more.

Provided, however that with the previous approval of the Government,
MHADA/Corporation shall be eligible to get additional incentive FSI over otherwise permissible FSI as specified in Annexure III of these Regulations.

Provided further that in cases of composite redevelopment scheme for plot having ‘A’ category as also ‘B’ category cessed buildings the above FSI shall be available.

Provided further that in cases of, reconstruction/redevelopment of buildings which have been declared as unsafe by the BHAD Board prior to monsoon of 1997. the above FSI will be available irrespective of category cessed building.

Provided further, that reconstruction/redevelopment undertaken by proposed Cooperative Housing Societies of Landlords and/or Occupiers of a cessed building of ‘B’ category, and where composite development is undertaken by different owners of 5 or more plots the FSI required for Rehabilitation of existing tenants plus incentive FSI as specified in Appendix III will be available.

What is Fungible FSI?



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