Locus Standi


The legal standing of a party in connection with a certain matter in a court of law.

Easy way to remember

Locus = Certain Location / Specific Location

Standi = Standing or Stand


Locus Standi is the Legal Standing a person has with reference to a legal matter. It is the justification of why the person should be heard by the judge in that particular matter. A person may have locus standi by having an interest in the subject matter, by having an interest in the outcome of the case or by a right given by the law.


In Public Interest Litigation, the rule of Locus Standi is relaxed to allow public spirited persons to take up issues which affect the general public or a specific group of persons who may be oppressed, unable or unwilling to take up the matter in a court of law.


Relevant Cases

  • Mumbai Kamgar Sabha, Bombay vs M/S Abdulbhai Faizullabhai & Ors 1976 AIR 1455
  • Olga Tellis┬áv. Bombay Municipal Corporation



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