2 Year LLM Syllabus Mumbai University

Syllabus for Mumbai University’s 2 Year LL.M. Post-Graduate Degree Course done after LL.B.

2 Year LLM Syllabus Mumbai University

2 Year LLM Syllabus Mumbai University


Eligibility for LL.M. in Mumbai University

As per Ordinance 5231 of the University of Mumbai:

The minimum qualification for a candidate of general category
making an application for admission to the LL.M. degree course is
a Second Class LL.B. degree obtained at one and same sitting of
this University or a degree recognized as equivalent thereto.
However candidates belonging to reserved category may make an
application to the L.L.M. degree course with a pass class.

Circular No. UG/169 of 2004, Dated 30th April, 2004


  • Group I  – Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Group II  – Business Law
  • Group III – Law of Intellectual Property and Information Technology
  • Group IV – Human Rights Law
  • Group V – Criminal Law and Criminal Administration
  • Group VI – Environment and Legal Order

Examination System

  • Total 4 Semesters
  • Students need to appear for 4 Compulsory Papers + 6 Group-wise Papers
  • Semester 1 = Compulsory Papers 1 and 2 + Group Papers 1 and 2
  • Semester 2 = Compulsory Papers 3 and 4 + Group Papers 3 and 4
  • Semester 3 = Group Papers 5 and 6 + Practical / Research Work
  • Semester 4 = Dissertation + Viva Voce


Foundation / Compulsory Papers

  1. Law And Social Transformation In India
  2. Indian Constitutional Law: The New Challenges
  3. Judicial Process
  4. Legal Education And Research Methodology

Group-wise Optional Papers (Click on the name to toggle)

  1. Constitutionalism : Pluralism and Federalism
  2. National Security Public Order and Rule of Law
  3. Comparative Constitutional Law
  4. Administrative Process : Nature and Scope
  5. Administrative Process and Judicial Control
  6. Public Authorities and Power Holders : Controls on Maladministration

  1. Fundamental Principles of Law of Contract and Allied Laws
  2. Global Trade under World Trade Organisation
  3. Corporate Law
  4. Law Relating to Customs and Foreign Exchange
  5. Law of Insurance
  6. Banking Laws

  1. Intellectual Property and International Organizations and Agreements
  2. Patent Law
  3. Trademarks
  4. Copyrights and other Related Rights
  5. Law of Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, Layout Designs Etc.
  6. Information Technology

  1. Concept and Development of Human Rights
  2. Human Rights and International Order
  3. Protection and Enforcement of Human Rights in India
  4. Human Rights of Disadvantaged Groups
  5. International Humanitarian Law and Refugee Law
  6. Science, Technology and Human Rights

  1. Criminal Jurisprudence
  2. Penal Laws
  3. Criminology
  4. Collective Violence and Criminal Justice System
  5. Penology : Treatment of Offenders
  6. Forensic Science and Scientific Investigation of Crime


  1. Environmental Development : Law and Policy
  2. Resource Management and the Law
  3. Prevention and Control of Pollution
  4. Environment and International Legal Order
  5. Biological Diversity and Legal Order
  6. Environmental Legislation

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