Bombay High Court Display Board Guide

The Bombay High Court Display Board is a live tracker which lets you know which matter is being heard in which Court Room of the High Court of Judicature at Mumbai. This article deals with Frequently asked questions about the Display Board.

What is the Display Board of the Bombay High Court? Where can I track the LIVE cases being heard at the Bombay High Court?

The Bombay High Court has a “Display Board” option for tracking the live movement of cases on a daily basis. The Display Board shows the cases being heard presently at the High Court either through Physical Hearings or through Video Conferencing.

How to read the Court Display Board of Bombay High Court?

The Court Display Board can be accessed only through the Home Page of the Bombay High Court i.e. The Court display board is available for all three benches (branches) of the High Court i.e. Bombay, Nagpur and Aurangabad.

Why are some matters showing 20x, 50x, 90x as the Serial Numbers?

Regular Daily Board matters show up as Serial Number 1, 2, 3….. etc.

Some matters show 201, 202, 203 as the Serial Number in the Court Display. These are the Weekly Board matters.

Some matters show 501, 502, 503 as the Serial Number in the Court Display. This means that they are Production Board matters. These matters are at the Production stage.

Some matters show 901, 902 or 903 as the Serial Number in the Court Display. This means that the Supplementary Board matters are being heard. This usually happens when urgent matters which are permitted to be heard out of turn are taken up for hearing.

How do I know which Judge is hearing which case in which Court Room of the High Court?

The Coram of the Court indicates which Judges are presiding over or hearing the matters in that Court. There maybe a single judge or multiple judges. The name of the Judge is suffixed with a “J.” indicating that he/she is a “Justice / Judge”. When there are multiple Judges, it is indicated with a “JJ.” at the end.

To find out which Judge is “presiding over” or sitting in which Court Room you can hover your mouse over the Court Room No. which will then indicate the “Coram”.

Single Judge Coram
Division Bench (2 Judges)

What is the difference between Court No. and Court Room No.?

Court No. is the Serial Number given to the Judge’s Bench. This is usually in order of the Roster or even Seniority. Eg: The Chief Judge will always preside over Court No. 1.
Court Room No. is the Virtual or Physical Room in which the Judge is sitting at the physical location or online in the Virtual Hearings. Eg: Though whichever Court Room the Chief Judge presides over will be declared as Court No. 1, but the physical room or Virtual Room may have any other number. In the Example below the Chief Judge is presiding over Court Room No. 46.

What is the meaning of “Kept Back” cases?

When the Daily List of Cases (Causelist) is being called out for hearing serial number wise, those cases in which both parties were not ready to argue or parties were not present are “kept back” to be called out later in the day once the rest of the serial numbers on the board are dealt with. The Display Board shows the Serial Number of cases which were called out, but due to some reason were not heard and not even adjourned to another day. They will be called out again after all the remaining serial number cases are called out and dealt with.

The Court Display Board is giving me an error. What does the error mean?

If you receive the below error, it is most likely that you Refreshed the Display Board page manually. You do not need to refresh the page as the page is set to Auto-Refresh. You can see the last refresh time of the page on the top right hand side.

If you receive an error PLEASE VIEW DISPLAY BOARD DURING COURT WORKING DAYS/HOURS, it means you need to re-visit the Bombay High Court Website during the Court working hours. The Bombay High Court Display Board is active from 10:30 am to 6 pm and may extend beyond these timings depending on the court working schedule.

How do I refresh the Daily Board page of the Bombay High Court? Will it refresh on its own?

The Display Board will refresh on its own and does not need to be manually refreshed. If you do manually refresh it you may receive an error.

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