Noise Pollution Complaint in Mumbai

Even if the Loud Speaker deadline has been extended upto 12 midnight for any festival, you can still complain about NOISE over 45 db at any time during the day or night, especially near silence zones like schools, hospitals, religious places and courts.

Complaints about Noise Pollution in Mumbai are taken very seriously by the Police. You do not need to give your name or any details except the offence being complained of. Complaints can be made on the numbers mentioned below:

  1. Mumbai Police SMS Service: 7738 133 133 / 7738 144 144Noise Pollution Complaint in Mumbai
    SMS your complaint, mentioning the exact location of noise, causes, consequences (if any), the exact time since the noise has been persisting and also some identification of the party or group causing the noise. Sometimes, within 10 – 15 minutes of sending the SMS you may receive a verification call from the Police Control Room to confirm the address and provide further details of the noise.
    The SMS numbers do NOT receive calls. You need to dial 100 if you do not receive a response for the SMS complaints.
    Eg: Painful noise being caused by fire crackers Opp. Churchgate Station (W) from 12:30 am till now. Windows are vibrating with the noise.
    Eg: Noisy marriage procession playing very loud music in a Residential Area at SSR Colony, Bandra (E) since 2 hours.

    Eg: Religious procession bursting loud crackers on the road. The procession is causing noise pollution and blocking north-bound traffic on P D’Mello Road, Carnac Bunder.
    Eg: Fire crackers being burst at Cuffe Parade (Sunset garden) playground  since 5 am.
    Eg: Very loud music being played outside ABC Hospital (Silence Zone) at Tardeo by a political party rally since the past 2 hours.
    This method of complaining will enable the complainant also to have a record of the complaint on their phone, at the same time the SMS is received at the Commissioner of Police’s office, which in turn directs the local police to take action.
  2. Mumbai Police Control Room: 100 or 1090
    Call 100 and mention the exact problem you are facing.
    Don’t forget to ask for a complaint number. You can use this Complaint Number to follow up by SMS or call. You do not need to give your name or identity.
  3. Contact the Local Asst. Commissioner of Police (ACP) to escalate a complaint:
    Search for the number by selecting your police station:
    Provide your complaint number and details of the noise to the ACP Office.
  4. Contact the Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) to escalate a complaint not solved by the ACP Office:
    Search for the number by selecting your police station:
    Provide your complaint number and details of the noise to the Zonal DCP Office.
  5. Mumbai Police Website Form: (Last checked on 28-May-2014)
    An automated email will be sent to your account confirming receipt of your complaint.
  6. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (For escalating Industrial noise pollution complaints)
    Fill in the form on their website:
    or send a letter in writing to:
    Maharashtra Pollution Control Board,
    Kalpataru Point, 3rd and 4th floor,
    Opp. Cine Planet, Sion Circle,
    Mumbai-400 022.
    Telephone – 022-24020781 / 24014701 / 24010437
Please send us feedback about your complaint experience and which method worked best for you at info @

Thanks to lawgic website for guidance. I had to complain twice by SMS but noise was stopped by wireless van.

– RRA (Mumbai, 22-July-2013)

Fire Crackers stopped by SMS Complaint 3 times to both SMS numbers.

– AVB (Colaba, Mumbai, 27-May-2013)


Why Complain? Should I not wait for the noise makers to stop?

You might have come to this page through a Google Search on Noise Pollution and may be affected by noise in your area. The fact that you had to come all the way here, shows that the noise is a nuisance which must be stopped at the earliest.

Waiting for the noise to stop is a good idea, if it is a momentary burst. But most of the time the noise problem is chronic.

The police is not going to get a dream about noise pollution in your area. They may also be hesitant to act on their own, but are waiting for an excuse to act against the offenders. That excuse maybe your complaint.

Everyone has a right to live peacefully, without any disturbance.

India maybe the only country in which noise goes unchecked, although we have strict laws on it. It is a contributory factor to so many youngsters migrating abroad to get away from this nonsense in our society.

Don’t Tolerate – Complain Now. Its simple!

Should I not wait for others to complain first? Why should I be the first one?

Others maybe thinking the same thing. More people complaining is the only way the police will react sooner in future.

Doesn’t the police have better things to bother about?

Let them decide that. You do your duty and let them do theirs.

They will definitely prioritize your complaint based on other complaints received at the same time.

A political party / religious group is making noise and having a long procession with loud music. I am scared to complain against them.

This is exactly why this article was written. Noise has no religion. It affects everyone.

In no religion, is the causing of public nuisance acceptable. Similarly, if any other religion were to make the same type of noise continuously, the others would not tolerate it. Hence, noise made by religious groups is to be treated with the same stick as any other noise.

The same goes for political parties. They are no more privileged than any other non-political group. You will also get a lot of support from other political parties, against their rivals. If they are identifying themselves as a political party, they should also be punished as a political party. Identify them clearly in your complaint. (Also remember not to vote for them in the next elections)

Remember, you do not need to give your name or address or any other details. If the police are suspecting mischief by you, they can approach a Senior Officer and trace your number. This should give them a good enough reason not to insist on any other details.

Benefits of complaining:

  • You will be silently thanked by numerous senior citizens, birds, animals, children, parents and authorities in the area, for stopping the noise. Imagine the number of paralysed senior citizens, stray dogs, infants and handicapped persons you will be helping.
  • In future the police may deny permissions to that group or party for organising a procession or event, due to previous complaints of public nuisance.
  • The group can be clearly identified as being a chronic problem in the area.
  • Fines and penalties can be levied on the offenders.
  • The complaint goes on record and will show up in future data (like RTI Applications) on Noise Pollution and will be useful for Activists in seeking a legal solution to the problem.
  • Your local police will be more vigilant and may act on their own in future, if they see multiple citizens actively complaining.
  • The noise makers will be more sensitive when they know that others are being aggrieved by their acts. If they still continue then they are deliberately doing it and should be punished severely.

I read many comments about activists targeting only certain religious festivals or certain religious places? What about other religions causing noise?

Noise is universal.

Exactly like terrorism, Noise knows no religion. Noise will affect a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, Jain and even an Atheist, in the same way and in the same proportion.

Noise will have disastrous effects on a Shiv Sena worker, as much as it will be a pain for a Congress worker or BJP loyalist. All political party workers will be as much affected by the fire crackers as their rivals. Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, North Indians are all affected equally.

But still, if you feel that a certain religious building or group is making noise and it needs to stop, PLEASE COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. The cops will not ask you for your religious or political affiliation when registering your complaint. Neither will the court.

Important Rules and Case Laws on Noise:

  • Church Of God (Full Gospel) in India versus KKR Majestic Colony Welfare Association and Others (30-Aug-2000 Supreme Court of India)

    … religion prescribes or preaches that prayers are required to be performed through voice amplifiers or by beating of drums…..

  • Birangana Religious Society v. Orissa, 1996 100 Cal WN 617
  • P A Jacob v. S. V. Kottayam, AIR 1993 Ker 1
  • Sayeed Maqsood Ali v The State of M.P.

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11 thoughts on “Noise Pollution Complaint in Mumbai

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  3. srimaya mahapatra

    Dear Team Lawgic!
    I am extremely thankful for the information posted in your website. After going through the FAQs I could relate the state of mind of many including me, who want to have a peaceful life with dignity and full rights that a citizen of India should have. We all deserve a no nonsense simple day whether its on the roads while driving or in our homes while spending valuable time with family or in the places we visit; like temples or malls or hill stations or beach etc. Unfortunately in our country the rate of crimes not acted upon is way higher then the ones brought to justice to get completely uprooted. Sadly because of that most of us including me have lost faith NOT in the law but in the very implementers & maintainers of it. “No one is above the law” I always thought this gives immense power to the implementer and maintainer but its not the reality as I believe greed and fear has been swallowing them than courage and integrity! I have a family and I am scared for their safety if I complain against so many law breakers. I have experienced shockingly less help from police men on the streets of Mumbai when it comes to crimes like rash driving or noise pollution. But I can’t be a silent spectator and mute to nonsense forever. I must do something without compromising the safety of my family. Your article helps tremendously! Please spread the awareness through social media as the young and the restless spends a lot of time there… they need to know!

  4. Madhavi Anuj Dubey


    I was searching a number or email id to complain regarding noise pollution caused due to a loudspeaker in masjid next to my plot..I live in Kurla so there are many mosque in our area..
    it was always disturbing but the new masjid is just next wall and the sound is too much..
    I was looking for basic information like does a masjid require a permission for loud speaker and is there a set Decibel levels which they should follow. Because being this a religious thing one cannot stop this but at least something can be done to control so that other may not have problem due to this…

  5. admin Post author

    The article contains all the information that you need to complain. Yes, there are guidelines for speakers on religious buildings, because the area around a religious structure is marked as a silence zone.

  6. Kavitha

    I live in a society. The owner of the house above is demolishing walls and redoing the place. The noise is absolutely unbearable – they use some kind of machines. We are basically driven out of our homes till the work is done for the day. Owner claims to have taken all permissions. What can I do in this case? Today my mother underwent surgery and I had to put her up in a hotel bcos the noise in the house is unbearable! Please advise.

  7. admin Post author

    Send them a letter in writing explaining this. Else, you can file a complaint with the cops.

  8. Kavitha

    Hi I did file a complaint with the cops but they basically said they can do nothing once the society has given permissions. They created a whole charade of calling up the owner of the house where the noise was coming from but basically yes-sired them and gave them the confidence to make more noise. What is my recourse? The noise is unbearable.


    mi Ravindra Rathod takrar karat aahe ki me rahanar ghatla village,chembur ,mumbai-400071.govandi police station .mazya ghara samor gaondevi maidan aahe thethe nehami cricketchya mathces chalu astaat.thethe itka loud-speakercha aavaz yet asto ki aamchya gharache darvaze,khidkya che kancha futata ki kay aase vatate.cricketchya matches bharvane ha ek tyancha dhanda zalela aahe.match zyalya nantar tya paishani tyanci parti chalu aste.te ek prakare dukancha kholun bastat.tyanchya aasha vaganyane aamchya mulanche nuksan hot aahe.aamchi mule aata.baravit , aahet.tyani crkicket khelave parantu loud speakar nasava.


    Mi Ravindra Rathod,rahanar- ghatla village chembur,govandi police station,mumbai-400071.Mi aapnas punha ekda vinanti karit aahe ki gaon devi maidan yethe honyara cricket matches var bandhan ghalave. thehte matches chalu astana loud-speakercha aavaz itka motha asto ki yethil aamchya mulanche shikshanache khupach nuksan hot aahe.aamhi 100 naumbervar takrar keli asta police yetat aani done minitat nighun jatat.aamchi jashi mule aahet tashi tumchi sudha mule shikat aahet pratek palakana mulanchya bhavishanchi chinta aste.mazi aapnas manapasun vinanti aahe ki aapan loud speaker banda karava .Tyani crikcet khelave parantu loud-speakar banda ha tyanca dhandha zalela yeto to cricket bharvatat aani paise kamavatat.nantar ratri daruchya parti karatat.He spardhache (shikshanche) yug aahe.MI aapnas punha ekda vinanti karato ki aamchya mulanche nuksan karnaryas shiksha karavi.Tyavar aala ghalava.aapla mitra Ravindra Rathod.Hyach aapan sahanbhutipurvak vichar karava.Swathachi mule dolya samor dharavi.

  11. Janata Janardhan

    Thanks for the informative article. Could you please let us know what the law is as it pertains to carrying out of construction or civil work at night?

    The residents of the flat above us have been carrying out extensive renovations, which results in the pounding of hammers on the floor and walls for several hours at a stretch. The activity continues into the evening time as well, past 8 pm. Is there some sort of a deadline beyond which construction work inside a flat is not permitted? Thanks.

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