Divisional Police Complaints Authority (Nagpur Division) / विभागीय पोलीस तक्रार प्राधिकरण, नागपूर

Where is the Division Level Police Complaints Authority located?

The Maharashtra Division Level Police Complaints Authority (Konkan Division) address is:

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Google Map Link:

Against which Police Officers can I complain at the Division Level Police Complaints Authority (Nagpur Division)?

As per section 3
(3) The Division Level Police Complaints Authority shall inquire suo moto or on a complaint against any Police officer or Police Constable upto the rank of Senior Police Inspector, in respect of the matters provided on clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 22Q.

The Divisional Police Complaints Authority takes complaints against Police Officers of the following ranks or designations:
– Senior Police Inspector (Sr. PI)
– Police Inspector (PI)
– Asst. Police Inspector (API)
– Police Sub-Inspector (PSI)
– Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI)
– Head Constable
– Constable

As the Nagpur Division deals with matters relating to only the Nagpur Revenue Jurisdiction of Maharashtra i.e.
 – Bhandara Police
 – Chandrapur Police
 – Gadchiroli Police
 – Gondia Police
 – Nagpur Police
 – Wardha Police

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