2 thoughts on “Directory of Courts and Tribunals in Mumbai”

  1. I am a member of Kolshet Shivkripa CHS, Kolshet, Thane 400607. Here every 4 to 5 months, the Ashoka trees are cut off and only trunk is kept. I admit that it can be trimmed for shaping. This tree is grown straight upwards no much of branches grow siways.

    Every time cutting of this tree is harming the healthy living in the society. Oxigen generation is stopped and pollution becomes uncontrollable due to the construction works in the neighborhood.

    The secretary never pay attention to our request, not to cut the trees. Ashoka normally is flexible and does not break and harm anybody in normal course. But this secretary is not listening. We have spent ample money in developing the garden around our Society.

    During last January, the trees were cut and today again the trees are cut. During the hot sun now a days, I feel it’s not right about cutting trees which are harmless.

  2. I wish to know the legality in cutting the straight upward growth of Ashoka garden trees.

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