Complain About The Police To The Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (Mah. SPCA)

This article deals with the setup, procedure and working of The Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (Maharashtra SPCA) राज्य पोलीस तक्रार प्राधिकरण which is established to receive complaints about Police Officers in Maharashtra.

You can complain about various Police excesses, wrongful arrest, wrongful detention, property grabbing, harassment, human rights violations, custodial violence, custodial death and even malpractice and corruption by police officers.

Which laws govern the working of the Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority?

  • Maharashtra Police (Amendment and Continuance) Ordinance, 2014 (Mah. Ord. VIII
    of 2014) Published on 5th April 2014 and deemed to come into force on 1st February 2014.
    Maharashtra Division Level Police Complaint Authority (Administration and Procedure) Regulations, 2018
  • Maharashtra Government Resolution No.: NPC-1008/2/CR-6/POL-3, dated 25th July 2008
  • Maharashtra Government Resolution No.: PCA-1013/CR-109/Pol-3 dated 15th July 2013

In addition to this, the Supreme Court Case that brought about the Government to form the Complaints Authority was:
Judgment dated 22/09/2006 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition (Civil) No.310/1996 in Prakash Singh and Others Vs. Union of India and Others.

How many Police Complaints Authorities are existent?

As per the Law, 2 Police Complaint Authorities should be formed:

  • State Level
  • District Level

However, presently there is only the State Level Complaints Authority which has been setup.

Where is the Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority located?

The address of the Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority is:

Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (District Level)
4th Floor, MTNL Cooperage Telephone Exchange Building,
Opp. Cooperage Football Ground, Maharshi Karve Road,
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021.
022-22820045 / 22820046 / 22820067

Second Office is coming up at Konkan Bhavan Navi Mumbai, to hear complaints for Police Officers below the rank of DCP.

Who are the officers who are a part of the Mah. SPCA?

Sr. No. Designation Currently (2019)
1. Chairperson Justice A V Potdar, Retd. Judge of the Bombay High Court
2. Member Shri Prem Kishan Jain, Ex-Addl. Director General of the Maharashtra Police
3. Member – Civil Society Representative Shri Umakant Mitkar
4. Member
5. Member-Secretary Additional Director General of Police (Administration) Dr. Pradnya Sarvade,

Does the Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (Mah. SPCA) have a website?

The Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (Mah. SPCA) official website is still not active. Once it is up, we will provide the URL here.

Notification CR 56...
Notification CR 56

In what format should we complain about the Police to the Mah. SPCA?

Self Attested Declaration

On plain paper (No Court fee required)

I Shri/Smt./Ms. ____________________ son / daughter / wife / widow of_______________________ __________ aged _________ years, permanent and current address as given below, having Aadhaar No. _______________ (self attested copy attached) do swear in the name of God and/or  hereby solemnly affirm and state as follows:

That I am the complainant in the accompanying complaint / have authorized Shri / Smt. / Ms. ______________________________________________________ to file the authorized Shri/ Smt./ Ms.____________________________________________ to file the accompanying complaint as I am unable to file the same because of________________________________________________ ________________________________________ reason.

That the facts stated in the attached complaint in paras __________________________________ are true to the best of my knowledge and in paras ______________________________________ are true to my information and belief.

I therefore request you to enquire into the above complaint and take further action as deemed fit.


Name : ________________________

Permanent Address

Within how much time does a complaint have to be filed with the Mah. SPCA?

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  2. dipak khandare

    h have ragisterd fir on date 16\05\2016 at nava mondha police station at parbhni distric & lot off time to meet that S.P.& io but no any serious to investigation on this fir so i had been requsted on writting application to concern department but no any serious &accuse in arrest to 3 time in other distric but not transefer to our station so plz why r deley on my case to all io to inqury given to action bcos i have each &every information provided .no any investigation to my complain
    so consider my request & as early as possible to give an action

  3. ritesh

    This is of no use I have made a complaint in 2018 but till date nothing Happened. Still they are not settled in Navi mumbai.


    Can i Complaint Against The Crew Misguiding The Cadet or The Cadet Misleading The Higher Authorities To Benifice Self When in Comes in Terms Of AntiSocial Elements Malpracticners Manipulators Nexus Carrying Of illeagle Trading Buisness Adultration BlackMarketing etc Or Else Be it intoxicants Stuff Narcotics illict Hooch Liquor or Other As Gambling Human Trefficking

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    Mumba Devi mandir ke pass mein gadi khada karke mere bacche se baat kar raha tha mere bacche ka tabiyat kharab hai do minut bhi lega hawaldar aaya aur mera licence pakad liya aur jabardasti karke dekho 300 rupaye fine liya aur t bhi likh diya yah sab theek hai Police wale Jo karte ho achcha karte public Jo karti ho galat karti hai jo bhi is message ko dekh rahe hain aap batao ki yah galat hai ya sahi hai beat Marshal shinde beat Marshal shinde Mumba Devi branch avati bhi nahin diya aur 300 rupya fine bharna pada yahi sab Karan ki vajah se dheere dheere Maharashtra sabhi rajyon ke police se bharosa public ka uttar ja raha hai

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