Complain About The Police To The Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (Mah. SPCA) / राज्य पोलीस तक्रार प्राधिकरण

Maharashtra State Police Complaint Authority
Maharashtra State Police Complaint Authority

Updated: 18-May-2022

This article deals with the setup, procedure and working of The Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (Maharashtra SPCA) राज्य पोलीस तक्रार प्राधिकरण which is established to receive complaints about Police Officers in Maharashtra.

You can complain about various Police excesses, wrongful arrest, wrongful detention, property grabbing, harassment, human rights violations, custodial violence, custodial death and even malpractice and corruption by police officers. A Complaint against any Maharashtra Police or Mumbai Police, Pune Police, Nagpur Police, Nashik Police, Thane Police, Amravati, Police, Aurangabad Police, Navi Mumbai Police, Solapur Police, Pimpri Chinchwad Police, Raigad Police, Kolhapur Police, Satara Police officer is also dealt with by this Authority. 

Which laws govern the working of the Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority?

  • Maharashtra Police (Amendment and Continuance) Ordinance, 2014 (Mah. Ord. VIII
    of 2014) Published on 5th April 2014 and deemed to come into force on 1st February 2014.
  • Maharashtra Division Level Police Complaint Authority (Administration and Procedure) Regulations, 2018
  • Maharashtra Government Resolution No.: NPC-1008/2/CR-6/POL-3, dated 25th July 2008
  • Maharashtra Government Resolution No.: PCA-1013/CR-109/Pol-3 dated 15th July 2013

In addition to this, the Supreme Court Case that brought about the Government to form the Complaints Authority was:
Judgment dated the 22nd September 2006 (reported in (2006) 8 SCC of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition (Civil) No.310/1996 in Prakash Singh and Others Vs. Union of India and Others.

How many Police Complaint Authorities exist?

As per the Law, 2 Police Complaint Authorities should be formed:

  • State Level / राज्य पोलीस तक्रार प्राधिकरण
  • District Level / विभागीय पोलीस तक्रार प्राधिकरण for each District.

However, presently there is only the State Level Complaints Authority which has been setup. The Divisional Level Authority for Konkan Division is coming up in Kharghar.

Where is the Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority located?

Maharashtra State Police Complaint Authority
Maharashtra State Police Complaint Authority Board at Cooperage Office. MTNL Building, Mumbai

The address of the Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority is:

Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (State Level)
4th Floor, MTNL Cooperage Telephone Exchange Building,
Opp. Cooperage Football Ground, Maharshi Karve Road,
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021.
022-22820045 / 22820046 / 22820067

How many State and Division Level Police Complaints Authorities are there in Maharashtra?

There is one State Level Authority (Located in Mumbai) and one Division Level Authority for each Revenue Division in Maharashtra.

This means that there will be one Divisional Authority for:

  • Konkan
  • Pune
  • Nashik
  • Aurangabad
  • Amravati and
  • Nagpur
Divisional Police Complaints Authority (Konkan Division)
Asst. Commissioner of Police (Admin) and Member Secretary
विभागीय पोलीस तक्रार प्राधिकरण, नवी मुंबई, (कोंकण)
विभागीय पोलीस तक्रार प्राधिकरण
नवी मुंबई, (कोंकण)

Divisional Police Complaints Authority (Pune Division)
Anant Heights, 1st Floor, Jadhav Nagar, Ahead of Nanded City,
Survey No. 29/2/1, Sinhagad Road, Pune 411068
020 – 24380074/75/79

What is the composition of the Mah. SPCA?

As per the Maharashtra Police (Amendment and Continuance) Ordinance, 2014 which came into force on the 1st February 2014:

22P. (2) The State Police Complaints Authority shall consist of the following members, namely:—

Position Designation
(a) A retired High Court Judge Chairperson
(b) A Police Officer superannuated in the rank not below the rank of Special Inspector General of Police Member
(c) A person of eminence from the civil society Member
(d) A retired officer not below the rank of Secretary to the State Government Member
(e) Officer not below the rank of Additional Director General and Inspector General of Police Member-Secretary

22S. (2) The Division Level Police Complaints Authority shall consist of the following members, namely:

Position Designation
(a) A retired Principal District Judge Chairperson
(b) A Police Officer superannuated not below the rank of Superintendent of Police Member
(c) Deputy Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) Member
(d) A person of eminence from civil society Member
(e) An officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police or equivalent. Member-Secretary

Who appoints the members of the Mah. SPCA?

As per the Maharashtra Police (Amendment and Continuance) Ordinance, 2014 which came into force on the 1st February 2014:

22P. (4) The Chairperson of the State Police Complaints Authority shall be chosen by the State Government out of a panel of names proposed by the Chief Justice of the High Court.

Who are the officers who are currently a part of the Mah. SPCA?

Sr. No. Designation Currently (2020)
1. Chairperson Justice Shrihari P. Davare, Retd. Judge of the Bombay High Court
2. IPS Member RETIRED IPS OFFICER (VACANT) to be appointed by the State Home Department
3. IAS Member RETIRED IAS OFFICER (VACANT) to be appointed by the Chief Secretary, Maharashtra State
5. Member-Secretary Additional Director General of Police (Administration) EX OFFICIO

Former Members of the Authority

Sr. No. Designation Former (2019)
1. Chairperson Justice A V Potdar, Retd. Judge of the Bombay High Court
2. Member Shri Prem Kishan Jain, Ex-Addl. Director General of the Maharashtra Police
3. Member – Civil Society Representative Shri Umakant Mitkar
4. Member
5. Member-Secretary Additional Director General of Police (Administration) Dr. Pradnya Sarvade,

Does the Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (Mah. SPCA) have a website?

The Maharashtra State Police Complaints Authority (Mah. SPCA) official website is still not active. Once it is up, we will provide the URL here.

Notification CR 56... Notification CR 56

In what format should we complain about the Police to the Mah. SPCA?

Self Attested Declaration

On plain paper (No Court fee required)

I Shri/Smt./Ms. ____________________ son / daughter / wife / widow of_______________________ __________ aged _________ years, permanent and current address as given below, having Aadhaar No. _______________ (self attested copy attached) do swear in the name of God and/or  hereby solemnly affirm and state as follows:

That I am the complainant in the accompanying complaint / have authorized Shri / Smt. / Ms. ______________________________________________________ to file the authorized Shri/ Smt./ Ms.____________________________________________ to file the accompanying complaint as I am unable to file the same because of________________________________________________ ________________________________________ reason.

That the facts stated in the attached complaint in paras __________________________________ are true to the best of my knowledge and in paras ______________________________________ are true to my information and belief.

I therefore request you to enquire into the above complaint and take further action as deemed fit.


Name : ________________________

Permanent Address

Who can make a complaint to the Mah. SPCA?

The Mah. SPCA can take cognizane of a complaint:

  • suo motu
  • on a complaint by
    • a victim or
      • any member of his/her family or
      • any other person on his/her behalf
    • the National Human Rights Commission
    • the State Human Rights Commission
    • the police themselves, in case of:
      • death in police custody
      • grievous hurt caused (as defined under section 320 of the Indian Penal Code) by a police officer
      • rape or attempt to commit rape by a police officer
      • arrest or detention by a police officer without following the prescribed procedure;
      • corruption by a police officer
      • extortion by a police officer
      • land or house grabbing by a police officer
      • any other matter involving serious violation of any provision of law or abuse of lawful authority by a police officer

Within how much time does a complaint have to be filed with the Mah. SPCA?

What are the remedies that the Mah. SPCA can provide?



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23 Responses



  2. dipak khandare says:

    h have ragisterd fir on date 16\05\2016 at nava mondha police station at parbhni distric & lot off time to meet that S.P.& io but no any serious to investigation on this fir so i had been requsted on writting application to concern department but no any serious &accuse in arrest to 3 time in other distric but not transefer to our station so plz why r deley on my case to all io to inqury given to action bcos i have each &every information provided .no any investigation to my complain
    so consider my request & as early as possible to give an action

  3. Janak says:

    Complaint has to be registered within one year with SPCA from date of cause of action

  4. Chetan Suresh Zagade says:

    Plz provide email address for complaint

  5. ritesh says:

    This is of no use I have made a complaint in 2018 but till date nothing Happened. Still they are not settled in Navi mumbai.

  6. SIrJi WAAHID says:

    Can i Complaint Against The Crew Misguiding The Cadet or The Cadet Misleading The Higher Authorities To Benifice Self When in Comes in Terms Of AntiSocial Elements Malpracticners Manipulators Nexus Carrying Of illeagle Trading Buisness Adultration BlackMarketing etc Or Else Be it intoxicants Stuff Narcotics illict Hooch Liquor or Other As Gambling Human Trefficking

  7. Arjun singh says:

    Mumba Devi mandir ke pass mein gadi khada karke mere bacche se baat kar raha tha mere bacche ka tabiyat kharab hai do minut bhi lega hawaldar aaya aur mera licence pakad liya aur jabardasti karke dekho 300 rupaye fine liya aur t bhi likh diya yah sab theek hai Police wale Jo karte ho achcha karte public Jo karti ho galat karti hai jo bhi is message ko dekh rahe hain aap batao ki yah galat hai ya sahi hai beat Marshal shinde beat Marshal shinde Mumba Devi branch avati bhi nahin diya aur 300 rupya fine bharna pada yahi sab Karan ki vajah se dheere dheere Maharashtra sabhi rajyon ke police se bharosa public ka uttar ja raha hai

  8. deepali salunke says:

    I was being charged for Echallan.

    Place : Powai to goergaon enterance.

    Issue : No signage of one way. Google says follow straight. No traffic police to guide, they just wait for people to make mistake and then charge them.

    we were driving new to the place following google, no where it showed one way, we just entered and then realsed that the road was narrow and we could not go further, he didnt bother to hear and charged us. We should him google map and requested to show the sign of one way. he was just interested to take out challan.

    Challan should be issued if people makes mistake, it should not be issued when u wait for people to make mistake and then just charge it.

    I request team to check the place now too, if person is travelling from powai to goregaon road he cannot aniticipate from distance that there are two road.


    Police officers & company owner manupulating /planting Fake FIR against employees
    as after that investigation is not doing seriously with whom complaint
    made after some investigation that they know this is fake complaint they
    dons not file charge sheet since last two years. Its done with so many time

  10. Adv. Vikas Khanolkar says:

    This is in regard to the indiscriminate Lathicharge that was carried out near Aarey Road Phatak,Goregaon West,Mumbai on 12th April,2020, at 11.45 am by two Police constables who came on a Motorcycle and mercilessly started assaulting all the members of the public present on the road and the people who were passing by. I had incidentally come to take medicines from the Medical Stores and suddenly one Constable came from behind and assaulted me’ by his Lathi on my head but I put my hand in between and intercepted the blow due to which my right hand wrist was severely injured and has been swollen all over. The other Constable was instigating him to assault the public.The people started running helter skelter and there was almost a stampede in the Underground passage. I request you to take stringent action against the concerned Police Constables who have acted in a most high handed manner inspite of the fact that all foodgrain shops and medical stores were open for the public.

  11. Kamlesh Tribhuvan says:

    Respected Sir / Madam

    Priorly, would like to ,”SALUTE”, all the INDIAN Police officer’s as well the entire team for the true efforts put by them , against the fight of corona, during this lockdown period, with their dedication towards their duties.

    As a responsible Indian citizen ,abiding with the law enforced by the government, amidst the corona disease, would like to draw your kind attention towards an incident occurred with me, with due Respect .

    As my 8 years son was suffering from runny nose severely, Instantly I was on the way on 2 wheeler to purchase Nasomist nasal drop towards medical, I was stopped for check, around 10 meters besides medical shop. I explained the scenario to the Officer Incharge, he asked me prescription. I informed him my wife is Staff Nurse. An Incredible reaction from the Officer was, “SO ARE YOU BECOMING A DOCTOR”, not only this, he charged latthi on myself & asked me to get back on the road, Come walking.

    Respected Sir / Madam, what is to be considered in such a scenario.Will this continue.? Hope so my message shall be treated without any discrimination .Apologies for any kind of astray in word’s.

    Sincere Thanks for reading this mail amidst busy schedule.

    Incident occurred : 20th April 2020.
    Location of check point : Around 30 mtrs approx of Hatti Garden ( Old Sangvi ),Pune Maharashtra.
    Time : Between 7 to 7.30 pm.

  12. Ganesan R. Iyer says:

    How can one send online complaint to get registered against a Police personnel.

  13. SUNDEEP HARYAN says:

    I am glad that there is a proficient authority who can supervise and or cogitate the illegitimate action of Police who used to oppress and deprive the destitute citizens of the furnished unlimited power. Keeping ultimate faith and trust in both State & Divisional Police Complaint Authority that JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.

  14. Kamlesh Dubey says:

    महोदय उल्हासनगर के मध्यवर्ती पुलिस स्टेशन के वरिष्ठ निरीक्षक सुधाकर सुराडकर का मन भ्रष्टाचार में रम गया है। इनके क्षेत्र में छह डांसबार चलते हैं। कयी जुआघर शुरू हैं। परंतु शिकायतों पर ध्यान नहीं दिया जाता है। उनके अधिनस्थ कर्मचारी फोन करने पर कहते हैं फोन मत करो “तूम फोन करनेवाले होते कौन हो” इस तरह का दुर्व्यवहार आम लोगों के साथ हो रहा है। कृपया जांच कर उचित कार्रवाई करें धन्यवाद

  15. Monik Shah says:

    Tomorrow I want to Dindoshi police station at malad east. Police has not written any NC after wasting my 3 hours

  16. Swapnil says:

    Complaint against Parner police station-parner polices are in sleep. Many illegal thing that are happen in that district. Strictly action against parner police station.

  17. संग्रामसिंह निंबाळकर says:

    मै कोल्हापूर मध्ये राहतो कोल्हापूर ट्रॅफिक ची खूप खराब अवस्था आहे फोन करुन complaint केली तरी कोणी येत नाही किंवा त्या कडे वरिष्ट अधिकारी नी लक्ष्य द्यावे हे स्वप्नं वाटते कधी हे ट्रॅफिक सरळ होईल कौन जाणे कोणी तरी कडक कर्तव्य दक्ष अधिकारी यावे असे वाटते

  18. R R TRIPATHI says:

    there is no district level police complaint authority available nor its office is showing , however the GR shows that there shall be district level police complaint authorirty

  19. Sundeep Haryan says:

    My two subjudised complaints in which more than 525 days have passed are not yet kept for hearing, kindly apprise me as to when is the hearing to be conducted or shall I approach the concerned court of law for justice. What I mean to say is ” JUSTICE DELAYED, JuSTICE DENIED”. I would love to hear the good news i.e. date kept for hearing my said complaints

  20. ravi says:

    Koparkhirane police support local gunda, who’s giving money illegally @10% in the market and gives bribe to police and then police start harassing people whos giving complaint against him. If this is going to happen the police should start bank collection department

  21. Ashok Sharma says:

    Many times police has not registered the complaint and the complainant suffered a lot.

  22. Sunil says:

    Kindly update Contact Number for Divisional Police Complaints Authority, Navi Mumbai (Konkan) as 022-27743565

  23. Dhananjay pawade says:

    Not any reply from our office my mail to send our office and not received any phone calls our office.very good tradition police department.

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