5 year BBA LLB Degree Course Syllabus of Mumbai University (University of Mumbai Law Academy – UMLA)

Syllabus for Mumbai University’s 5 Year B.B.A LL.B. (Hons.) Degree Course done after 12th standard also known as the Integrated 5 Year BBA LLB (Hons.) Course now available at the University of Mumbai Law Academy (Both Kalina Campus and Thane Sub-Campus) implemented from the year 2016-2017.

As per Credit Based Semester and Grading System

Last updated on 23-Oct-2019

First Semester

Principles of Management(4 Credits)
Principles of Basic Accountancy(4 Credits)
Statistical Analysis(4 Credits)
Law of Torts (Consumer protection Act & Motor
Vehicle Act)
(4 Credits)
English(4 Credits)
Law of Contract & Specific Relief Act(4 Credits)

Second Semester

Business Communication Skills(4 Credits)
Costs & Management Accounts(4 Credits)
Principles of Economics(4 Credits)
Business Mathematics(4 Credits)
Special Contract(4 Credits)
Clinical Legal Education ( Paper I)(ADR)(4 Credits)

Third Semester

Business Environment(4 Credits)
Marketing Management(4 Credits)
Financial Management(4 Credits)
Jurisprudence(4 Credits)
Constitutional Law (Paper- I)(4 Credits)
Law of Crimes (Paper – I) (Indian Penal Code)(4 Credits)

Fourth Semester

International Business Environment(4 Credits)
Organizational Behaviour(4 Credits)
Management Theory and Practices(4 Credits)
Constitutional Law (Paper – II)(4 Credits)
Law of Crimes (Paper – II) (Criminal Procedure Code)(4 Credits)
Clinical Legal Education (Paper – II) (Professional Ethics)(4 Credits)

Fifth Semester

Human Resource Management(4 Credits)
Managerial Economics(4 Credits)
Code of Civil Procedure & Limitation Act(4 Credits)
Family Law (Paper- I)(4 Credits)
Labour & Industrial Law (Paper- I)(4 Credits)
Environmental Law(4 Credits)

Sixth Semester

Consumer Behaviour(4 Credits)
Business Research Methodology(4 Credits)
Family Law (Paper – II)(4 Credits)
Interpretation of Statutes(4 Credits)
Labour& Industrial Law (Paper II)(4 Credits)
Clinical Legal Education (Paper III) (DPC – I) (Civil)(4 Credits)

Seventh Semester

Operational Management(4 Credits)
Law of Evidence(4 Credits)
Administrative Law(4 Credits)
Taxation Law (Direct and Indirect Taxation )(4 Credits)
Property Law(4 Credits)
Electives: Any one of the following
A. Information and Technology Law
B. Law and Economics
(4 Credits)

Eighth Semester

Strategic Management(4 Credits)
Intellectual Property Laws(4 Credits)
International Trade Law(4 Credits)
Human Rights Law(4 Credits)
Elective: Any one of the following
A. Insurance Law
B. Bankruptcy and Insolvency
(4 Credits)
Clinical Legal Education (Paper IV) (DPC –II)(Criminal)(4 Credits)

Ninth Semester

Competition Law(4 Credits)
Media and Law(4 Credits)
Moot Court Exercise(4 Credits)
Internship(4 Credits)
Elective: Any one of the following
A. Equity and Trust
B. Merger and Acquisition
(4 Credits)

Tenth Semester

Banking Law(4 Credits)
Public International Law(4 Credits)
Company Law(4 Credits)
Private International Law(4 Credits)
Elective: Any one of the following
A. Investment Law
B. Law of Infrastructure Development
(4 Credits)

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