How to enroll as an Advocate on the rolls of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa

This guide will help you to enroll on the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa to become an Advocate, by providing step by step instructions on the formalities that need to be completed.

Do note that the information here is subject to change, but can help reduce a lot of time, work, money and energy.

Step 1: The Form

The enrollment form available for applying to the Bar Council, is available on their website and also at the office of the Bar Council at Enrollment Department, 2nd Floor, High Court Extension Building (Behind HSBC Bank, M G Road),  Fort, Mumbai – 400032.

The exact link of the form PDF is:

Important Note: The difference between both sets of forms

  • The one given online, requires you to give a DD to the Bar Coucil of Maharashtra and Goa for the amount of Rs. 5800/- but if you purchase the one at the office, the same DD amount is printed as Rs. 5450/-.
    There is no clear reason as to why there is such a difference or why the online one costs more.
  • The form given at the office costs Rs. 300/- and includes
    the Enrollment form set (On green ledger paper),
    the Advocates Welfare Scheme form (on plain white paper) and
    a book with the Bar Council Rules / Guidelines etc.
  • The online form, contains an additional form: MEMBERSHIP FORM FOR MAHARASHTRA ADVOCATE WELFARE  FUND, which is not really needed at the time of enrollment and is not included in the set purchased from the office. This is probably the reason why the Online Form costs more, but there maybe a different reason.
  • For the online set, all pages, except the last 2, must be printed on green ledger paper only. The last 2 (Advocates Welfare Scheme Rule 40 and Welfare Fund Membership Form) must be printed on white A4 size paper.
Bottom Line: It would be safer to purchase the form from the office, so that there are no excuses available for rejection.

Step 2: Filling up the details

You will need:
  • A good ball point pen
  • 2 stamp size photographs
  • A thin permanent marker pen to sign across the photographs
  • A glue stick to paste the photographs
All the details are pretty straight forward. These tips should be helpful:
  • Write your FULL NAME exactly as it appears on your mark sheet, in the exact sequence as required on each form. Middle Name must be written.
  • Your photograph must be in “uniform” which means that it must be in formal attire, preferably in a coat and tie.
  • The photograph should be stamp size.
  • All document copies need to be attested. Getting the attestation from your college principal is the simplest, cheapest and fastest. Else, any gazetted officer, Special Executive Officer or member of the Bar Council will do.
  • You need to submit the recommendations of 2 advocate who have been in practice for more than 10 years. Dont forget to get their enrollment number and enrollment date, which will be on their Advocates ID Card.

Step 3: Adding the attachments

All the forms need to be submitted along with
  • 1 Demand Draft – Payable at Mumbai to the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa (as above)
  • 1 Demand Draft – Payable at Mumbai to the Bar Council of India (Rs. 150/-)
  • An attested copy of your graduation Convocation Cerificate (BCom, BSc, BA)
  • If you do not have your LL.B. Convocation Certificate, then you need to submit attested copies of both your final year marksheets (Sem 5/6 or Sem 9/10) and the final semester Pass Certificate issued by the University.
  • An attested copy of your Birth Proof (School / College Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate or Passport)

Step 4: Submit the application (see map below)

  • The timings for enrollment are 11 a.m. to 2p.m. & 3p.m. to 4p.m. only on working days.
  • 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays are holidays too.
  • Take a receipt for all payments made.
  • Within 15 days your application will be processed.
  • Within the next 15 days you will be intimated, regarding your application (either it will be accepted or sent to you to correct the discrepancies)
  • Within 15 days you must correct the discrepancies if any.
  • You will then receive, by speed post, your Bar Council ID, Enrollment Certificate, AIBE Form and Intimation Letter at the address you have specified.

View Larger Map of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa

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