Who are the uniformed Army, Navy, Air Force Personnel standing behind the President of India or Governor? Aide-de-Camp

You would often have seen uniformed Army, Navy or Air Force Personnel standing behind the President of India or Governor of any State in India. Who are these people and what is their role? Are they bodyguards?

They are known as Aide-de-camp or ADC.

Multiple ADCs to the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, on 24-4-12

Who is an ADC or Aide-de-camp?

An ADC or Aide-de-camp is an Attendant, Assistant or Secretary of the President / Governor appointed from the Armed Forces or the Indian Police Service or even the Indian Administrative Service. The ADC historically was like a “wing-man” who would assist the king or ruler with mounting / dismounting from his horse and also attending to secretarial or administrative activities.

Though India has had a female President, there has never been a female ADC appointed yet.

Are ADCs different from the President’s Body Guards?

Yes. ADCs wear a distinct uniform with a braided cord on the right shoulder, whereas President’s bodyguards are usually horse mounted and are more for show and pomp.

President’s Body Guards are different from an ADC

What is the role of an ADC?

Who appoints the ADC for the President of India or Governor of a State?

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