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Schedule W Properties of the BMC in Mumbai 0

Schedule W Properties of the BMC in Mumbai

Schedule “W” of The Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act 1884 deals with the Description of the Property Held By The Bombay City Improvement Trust And Transferred To The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. It is governed by...

Valuable Security under Indian Penal Code 1860 1

Valuable Security under the Indian Penal Code, 1860

Section 30 in The Indian Penal Code30. “Valuable security” – The words “valuable security” denote a document which is, or purports to be, a document whereby any legal right is created, extended, transferred, restricted,...

41A notice 0

41A Notice in India

What is a 41A notice in India? A 41-A notice is a pre-arrest notice issued by a police officer, calling upon a suspect or accused person in a criminal offence to appear before the...

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