In the name of religion…..

This article highlights the things that are done in the name of religion, in India, which would otherwise not be possible to do if the religious excuse was not present.

  • Litter public places
    Throw Coconuts, Lime and Chilly, and other Black Magic devices on pavements, at pedestrian crossings and on the road.
  • Pollute Water and Air
  • Wastage of food
    Coconuts, eggs, cooked food, fruits, vegetables are all either thrown into the sea or into water bodies or just wasted to appease spiritual beings.
  • Noise Pollution
  • Go on a religious pilgrimage subsidized by tax-payers of the country
  • Consume Intoxicants
  • Murder Children to appease Gods
  • Encroach Public Places to setup places of worship
  • Cause public nuisance
  • Flout Fire Safety Norms

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