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A Legal Maxim is an established principle or proposition. They are described as of the same strength and effect in the law as statutes.

Not only, will the use of maxims be in deciding doubt and helping soundness of judgment, but, further, in gracing argument, in correcting unprofitable subtlety, and reducing the same to a more sound and substantial sense of law, in reclaiming vulgar errors, and, generally, in the amendment in some measure of the very nature and complexion of the whole law.

nemo debet bis vexari pro una et eadem causa


A man shall not be vexed twice for the same cause.

Easy way to remember

nemo = No man / Nobody / No one

debet = owes / owed

bis = Twice (bi = Two)

vexari = to be harassed / vexed / prosecuted

pro = for

una = one

et = and

eadem = idem / same

causa = cause of action

res ipsa loquitur


The thing speaks for itself

Easy way to remember

res = a thing / subject of legal proceedings

ipsa = himself / herself / itself

loquitur = he / she / it / speaks