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Valuable Security under Indian Penal Code 1860 0

Valuable Security under the Indian Penal Code, 1860

Section 30 in The Indian Penal Code30. “Valuable security” – The words “valuable security” denote a document which is, or purports to be, a document whereby any legal right is created, extended, transferred, restricted,...

41A notice 0

41A Notice in India

What is a 41A notice in India? A 41-A notice is a pre-arrest notice issued by a police officer, calling upon a suspect or accused person in a criminal offence to appear before the...

Civil Prison in India 0

Civil Prison in India

What is a Civil Prison? A Civil Prison is defined by various laws in India. As per Section 3 in The Army Act, 1950:2  (iii) ” civil prison” means any jail or place used...

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