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Interpretation of Statutes

Part of

3 Year Course (First Year Sem V)

5 Year Course (Third Year Sem X)



Rules of Statutory Interpretation

Presumptions in Statutory Interpretations

Maxims of Statutory Interpretations

Interpretation with reference to subject matter and purpose

Principles of Constitutional Interpretation

General Clauses Act

Maharashtra Land Laws

Part of

3 Year Course (First Year Sem IV)

5 Year Course (Third Year Sem VIII)


Central Legislation

  • Urban Land Ceiling Act 1976 (although it is repealed, it continues to remain in force in Maharashtra)
  • *Land Acquisition Act 1940 or Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquision, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013 (depending on OLD / NEW curriculum)
  • Indian Registration Act 1908
  • Environment Protection Act 1986

State Legislation

  • Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966
  • Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act 1948
  • Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act 1969
  • MHADA Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority Act 1976
  • Developmental Control Regulations 1991 for Mumbai
  • Maharashtra Agricultural Land Ceiling Act 1961
  • Bombay Stamp Act

Family Law Part 2

Part of

3 Year Course (First Year Sem III)

5 Year Course (Third Year Sem VII)


Marriage and Kinship

Customary Practice and State Regulation

Conversion and its effect on family

Joint Family


Matrimonial Remedies

Alimony and maintenance

Child and the family

Family and its changing pattern

Settlement of spousal property

Establishment of Family Courts

Uniform Civil Code